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Back-To-School Shopping? Save Some Time and Money!

Back-To-School Shopping? Save Some Time and Money!
By Beth McKay

Back. To. School. Three simple words, yet for mothers the emotions evoked by these three words might be described as anything but simple. You know — from happy and excited to anxious and depressed — just a glimpse at Target’s freshly stocked school supply aisles can send moms over the edge. Thankfully, some districts realize this, and they will do all of the school supply dirty work if you simply hand over $45 per kid. This makes life easier, and we all agree – the easier, the better. Let’s take this concept and apply it to the next most dreaded aspect of the back-to-school season.

School clothes shopping ranks pretty close to school supply shopping on the list of “what I hate most about back to school”. It isn’t just the time it requires but also the energy, especially if you have multiple children who do not want to try on clothes all day. Let’s not forget all the extra expenses. Shopping for clothes should not be a nightmare. Moms everywhere have to unite in this time of tribulation to find ways to make buying new clothes for school easier and, therefore, happier!


How to save money on buying new clothes? Buy new TO YOU clothes! Second-hand shopping becomes more popular every day, and you don’t have to drive to the local Goodwill to do it. Apps like THREDUP and Kidizen allow busy moms to shop conveniently from a smartphone or computer. THREDUP sells well-cared-for or like-new items for a fraction of the original cost. All of the items have been inspected by THREDUP and will be shipped from the company to you. Also, you can sign up for email updates and receive discount codes and information about sales. Similar to THREDUP, Kidizen offers preloved clothing items at reasonable prices. Kidizen, however, differs from THREDUP in a few ways. First, Kidizen fosters a sense of community among buyers and sellers through Facebook groups and features within the app. Secondly, sellers establish their own shops where they must list their own items. Once an item sells, the seller must ship to the buyer. Also, clothing ranges from NWT (new with tags) to play condition. If you are searching for the next size up in your kid’s favorite shirt, you might just be able to find it at Kidizen or THREDUP!


To really save money, you may just consider becoming a seller with one of these companies or maybe both! Both companies provide sellers with money in their accounts that can be easily spent within the app or cashed out. Simply request a clean out bag from THREDUP, and you can send them all of the items that your child has outgrown. They do the rest of the work and notify you of your total earnings. Kidizen, on the other hand, requires more work; however, you will make a larger profit. Essentially, you could buy new clothes for school without spending any money!

While the BST (buy, sell, trade) community prospers daily, don’t forget about eBay. With a great feedback system, you can choose your seller with confidence. You also have eBay and PayPal to back purchases. New with tag items are listed daily, and you can even set up to be notified when a new Patagonia jacket is listed in the size you need.

Make life easier. Consider these options when buying clothes. You will not only be helping yourself. You will be helping another mama who is doing her best, just like you, to not lose her mind during this hectic back-to-school season. And just maybe, buying school clothes will be moved to the “what I LOVE most about back to school” list.


Beth McKay, Rankin County native and mother of three, is spending the summer preparing the grand-reopening of her Kidizen shop just in time for back-to-school shoppers!

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