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What Is Remote Online Exam Proctoring?

What Is Remote Online Exam Proctoring?

With exams happening online, students’ involvement in cheating increases. Remote online exam proctoring was introduced to conduct exams remotely while preventing students from suspicious activity or behaviour.

Several schools and education institutions are leveraging technology to enable remote proctoring to ensure students don’t resort to unfair means on online examinations. This article will let you have a closer look at what online exam proctoring is and how it is helping schools, colleges, and other similar institutes conduct the exam worry-free.

What Is An Online Proctored Exam?

It is one of the latest trends in online examination, where remote proctoring software is used to examine the behaviour of students giving exams. It runs on the examinee’s desktop, enabling the examiner to monitor everything in real time. The software helps the examiners supervise the assessment process to ensure all the students are honestly giving their exams.

The primary purpose behind using this software is to avoid student cheating and safeguard the academy’s integrity. Cheating is one of the primary reasons why people don’t believe in the results published, but with this software, students are no longer allowed to cheat, and their behaviour is examined closely.

A proctor is also present, and they help resolve all kinds of technical issues that may arise when a student gives the exam.

What Does Remote Proctor Mean?

A remote proctor means that the student will not cheat during their exam, even if they are located remotely. Every activity is tracked in the camera, and the screen is recorded to ensure no possible ways of cheating for the students.

  • Verification And Authentication: The student’s identity is verified before starting an online proctor exam. Just as you have to go through specific steps before the commencement of a centre-based exam, multiple levels of identity detection tests are done to identify the students and know they are all humans and not bots.
  • Invigilation Of Anti-Cheating: A supervisor is assigned to monitor everything in real-time for an online proctored exam. The invigilator can be either a human proctor or any AI-powered software. No matter the case, the examinees are monitored using their video and audio feed. The software helps deter a student from taking someone else’s help or using another computer application.

Benefits Of Online Proctoring

The exams held through online proctoring comes with numerous benefits. They include:

  • There is no scheduling or rescheduling of the exams and no hassle of booking the examination centres. It gives the feasibility of taking up the exam from anywhere and anytime.
  • It helps tighten academic integrity and examination security. The educators get a chance to balance the integrity and flexibility of the online exam. The tools from several reputed companies in the market establish the organisation’s reputation and offer numerous e-learning benefits.
  • Education institutions bear meagre administrative costs since there is no significant examination expense. An examination centre and the appointment of a proctor are not required, and everything is taken care of with the help of technology.


E-learning is one of the best learning methods for both learners and educators. However, cheating among students was one of the significant drawbacks, and the problem is now solved with the help of remote online exam proctoring. It is an amazing tool in the market that works on a technology embedded for maximum benefits.

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