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Dec 2021 | Central MS

While putting together this issue I was thinking about my education. For a variety of reasons, I went to five different schools. I had so many teachers I wouldn’t be able to count them all if I tried. Many of them have stayed in...

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Nov 2021 | Central MS

What’s on your mind as you’re stepping into the holiday season? Are you counting your losses or are you perhaps willing to list your blessings instead? Carrie Partridge reminds us how important it is to be Pollyanna-minded when...

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Oct 2021 | Central MS

With all sorts of viruses and infections, don’t you just want to put your children in a bubble of sanitized environment and keep them safe inside forever? Well, that is impossible. (Also, a little creepy and could be used as an...

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Aug | Sep 2021 | Central MS

Hard to believe, but it’s finally here! School is back. With so many new unknowns due to COVID, it feels so good to be doing something familiar – filling colorful backpacks with school supplies, packing lunches, and following...

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