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A New “Alice in Wonderland” Geo-Gaming Adventure is Coming to Gulfport and Hattiesburg

A New “Alice in Wonderland” Geo-Gaming Adventure is Coming to Gulfport and Hattiesburg

A new type of search has begun around the world…“Where is Alice?” 

“Alice in Wonderland” is a widely known story around the world. The Alice character is perfect to bring the world outside into the open…together. It evolved from a need for new and exciting ways to spend time with family and close friends. 

In 2021, after so much lonesomeness created by the pandemic, a need developed for innovative and immersive interaction. People wanted to take part in communal activities again. A “geo-gaming” company called CLUEDUPP came up with the answer.

This company devised an exciting way to get together and stay in touch, just by using a smartphone and the company’s engaging and intriguing app. CLUEDUPP makes geo-gaming available to participants around the world. It offers exciting days “out and about” in over 1,200 locations, in more than 80 countries. CLUEDUPP wanted to entice anyone, anywhere to come outside and breathe the fresh air. Two outdoor adventures are coming very soon to Gulfport and Hattiesburg. Keep reading to find out more about this unique group activity.

What happens during a CLUEDUPP adventure?

The Alice in Wonderland Adventure deals with efforts to find and deliver Alice from the clutches of the rabbit hole. This will entail adventure and intrigue. 

Family or trusted friend groups are allowed into this world by purchasing a Team Ticket from the CLUEDUPP site. A ticketed team of two to six adults buys into the game. Kids who take part in the team play for free. However, a maximum of four kids per team is recommended for play. It is great that CLUEDUPP has managed an activity which includes adults and kids alike.

All that’s needed to play is a smartphone, and showing up on time with your team. The competitive clue-following game is on from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the date agreed upon, and starts precisely at 9 a.m. You are cautioned: Do not be late!

Various prize categories are awarded: Best Fantasy Dress (“Alice in Wonderland”-inspired); Fastest Team; Best Team Picture; Best Team Name; Best Mini-Players (under-16 prize); and Pawesome (Best Team Dog Photo). “Alice in Wonderland” themed costumes are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended to fully engage in the spirit of the hunt.

These games are all held entirely outside, with only your family and friends as a part of your team. Games are time-spaced between teams, so are ideal for families still concerned about Covid-19.

Per the website located at, “accessibility and inclusivity are principles which underpin the work we do, and our events can be attended by anybody who wants to take part…to share an amazing experience.” The group is actively working on more fantasy-themed activities, for more immersive geo-gaming adventures. 

The “Alice in Wonderland” adventure game by CLUEDUPP is coming soon to two cities in southern Mississippi. Families can play in Gulfport on November 12, and in Hattiesburg on December 3. Check out the website (, gather a team, and experience this outdoor clue adventure that will surely be appreciated by families who enjoy activities such as escape rooms, geocaching or scavenger hunts. 

Lynne Adams Barze was born in the Faubourg Treme’ of New Orleans. She moved with her husband to Picayune in 1999 and loves the state of Mississippi. Barze’ has penned five novels, freelances for magazines, owns an antique mall, and is a “proud cat parent.” She’s a member of GPAC and the Picayune Writers Group.

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