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Computing For Beginners – 4 Tips To Use & Apply Daily

Computing For Beginners – 4 Tips To Use & Apply Daily

To be able to use a computer is not going to be enough. You have to be more efficient in it if you are looking to save more time and resources. The following section talks about a few tips, tricks, shortcuts, and techniques that you can use daily to make your computing faster and more efficient. Let’s begin:

1. YouTube Shortcuts On Your Keyboard

If you aspire to become a digital content creator, you can benefit a lot from this one tip. If someone told you that you can use your spacebar to pause and play YouTube videos, you would be very thankful to them. The keys such as J and L can be used to step backward and forward 10 seconds in your favorite video. You can use the key M to mute the video in case you have to attend a phone call. This is going to save you a lot of time and will also eliminate the use of the mouse.

2. Deleting Old And Large Files To Save Space

Space management is a critical concern but it is very much possible to find the various files and folders that take up the most space on your drive and then just clear them out without having to open them. There are various alternatives and third-party tools available in the market that are both compatible with Windows and Mac OS. They allow you to locate large files and delete them without having to locate the root directory and find out the path of the file.

3. Automate Your Repetitive Tasks

Begin by launching the Task Scheduler in Windows and create a new task that you know you will be performing throughout the day. You can then set a few triggers so that the task can be put into action. Now specify the Action and you are done. You can use scripting and basic coding as well for the same purpose. A very effective way to do that on your Apple device is to use AutoHotkey on Mac which works just like on Windows. They are alternate open-source task automation tools that you can use to perform all your repetitive tasks without any trouble on your Mac.

4. Save More Memory And Kill Useless Apps

This is a problem common to both Windows and Mac users because they all want to save more memory and prevent their batteries from getting drained unnecessarily. When it comes to Windows, you can simply open the Task Manager and Kill all the apps that you do not need. You can also configure the programs that you want to launch during the system start. In Mac OS, you can go to your System Preferences and select your user on the login tab. You can remove startup applications from there as per your choices.


These 4 quick tips should help you make your computing faster and more efficient. They are not rocket science. They will not be difficult to understand. But they are definitely going to make your life a lot easier.

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