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Making Your Home in Mississippi

Making Your Home in Mississippi

I have lived in Mississippi for most of my life. But it wasn’t until I lived in other parts of the country for several years and then returned to live in Mississippi that I truly understood what it means to live in Mississippi. Upon returning, I gained new understanding in the thickness of both humidity and Southern accents in the Magnolia State, but I also understood the comfort and familiarity that made me feel right at home.

You and your family might be new to Mississippi. Or maybe you’ve been here a while but still don’t quite feel at home. It seems to hold true that this big state feels more like a small town when it comes to lifestyles, pace of life, and being connected to people. Lots of people love this about Mississippi, but some find it difficult to transition to living here. Though we are, as a whole, a hospitable group of people, that doesn’t mean we will chase after you and force you to be an active part of us. It’s more of a standing invitation that we hope you will act on. 

We want you to find your place and make your home here in Mississippi, and here are some ways to help make that happen.


There is much to see, do, and enjoy in this state: museums, galleries, beaches, music, fine arts, performing arts, antiques, handcrafts, historic homes, scenic drives, countryside, animal life, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, parks, boating, hunting, fishing, festivals, gardens, shopping, sporting events, hiking, swimming, biking, and, of course, food! And it’s not all confined to just one city; these things span across the entire state. Not sure where to start or even what to look for? Spend some time on to plan your outings. Everything is within driving distance, so hop in the car and do some exploring! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. (Confession: I did some browsing myself on and discovered a lot of things I didn’t know we had in my own state. Time for me to get exploring, too!)

Get Involved

Community and together time are important in Mississippi, and they are vital for helping you feel really plugged in here. Whether you’re supporting a school, enjoying a shared activity, strengthening or improving a neighborhood, rallying around a cause, or something altogether different, there are ways to get involved in the community. And when you are involved in your community, your sense of camaraderie and purpose will increase. You will grow roots and feel at home.

Find Your People

If you didn’t already know some Mississippians before moving here, you might be feeling somewhat alone. But community can be found. Get to know your neighbors. Be out and about around town. Strike up conversations with people at grocery stores, parks, farmers’ markets, restaurants, gyms, or wherever you are. If you are a person of faith, get involved with a church. Volunteer at a school or other organization. Accept invitations. You will find like-minded people with whom you can enjoy Mississippi life. Just like anywhere else in the world, it might take a little time to find your people; but be patient, proactive, and persistent, and you will find them.

Whether you immediately felt at home upon moving here or are still unsure and trying to find your place, we want to welcome you to Mississippi and let you know that we are glad you are here. We know we aren’t perfect. We know there is always room for improvement. But we also know that we have much to offer, and we love our piece of the nation. We are known for being the hospitality state, and we hope that you find that to be true. 

Carrie Bevell Partridge lived in North Mississippi for seven years and has lived in Central Mississippi for twenty-two years. She met her husband Kevin at Mississippi College, and they have raised their five children in this state. Read more from Carrie at

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