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Healthy Lifestyle Starts at Home

Healthy Lifestyle Starts at Home
By Dasha Peipon

“Tomorrow. We will start eating healthy and begin every morning with a family run in the neighborhood. We will only drink water and focus on calorie intake more.” Did you ever have thoughts like this? Did this or a similar plan of action actually work for your family? And if it did, how long were you able to keep it up?

Sometimes we are so motivated to make good changes that we want it all, and we want it now. With fitness it doesn’t always work that way. Starting small and keeping it consistent is a lot more effective. Especially, if you’re hoping to get your whole family on board.

Instead of cutting out ALL the sugar from your diet, try getting rid of foods with added sugar. That means no doughnuts and cupcakes. But you can still have fresh fruit and berries. Yummy!

Instead of investing into an expensive gym membership or buying a treadmill, come up with a few games to play with the kids. It will be both physically stimulating and fun! And instead of you trying to get your child off the couch to do lounges, he will be begging his mom and dad to play and will get you off the couch! It’s a great strategy: parents need motivation too.

Fitness = Fun!

Try these ideas for hours of entertainment and physical stimulation.

The Floor is Lava

Collect all the pillows you can find and throw them on the floor about a 1-2 feet apart. You can only move around if you’re jumping from one pillow to another. This obstacle course can be set up in one room or can spread through the whole house.

Bowling Alley

Collect up to 10 empty juice/creamer/drink containers about the same size. Set them up in the end of a long hallway (or parking lot outside). Roll a medium-size ball to knock them over. To make it more challenging, add a little water to some or all of them, to make it harder to knock them over.

Drum Session

This can only be done if your neighbors can tolerate a little noise. Set up buckets of various sizes outside, flip them over and use them as drums! The kids can use wooden spatulas instead of drumsticks. Make it more interesting by playing your kids favorite songs so they can add some beat to them.

Animal Charades

This game is always a favorite. But it becomes a real workout if the words to act out are the names of animals. Try acting out kangaroo without breaking a sweat!

Broomstick Limbo

Turn up the music! See who can walk under the lowest bar. No need to invest into a special limbo set. Just use your broomstick, a curtain rod or any long stick you can find outside. Two people can hold it, while the third goes though. This game is fun with more people, so feel free to include neighbors.

Hop Scotch

This isn’t exactly a new game. But it does get forgotten sometimes. Hop Scotch doesn’t require anything to set up! A small piece of chalk and a driveway is all you need.


Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for Fitness Fest – a FREE fun family event in Mall at Barnes Crossing in Tupelo, sponsored by Children’s of Mississippi.

All ages are welcome and everyone is guaranteed to have a good time! There will be over 50 interactive play areas to get the kids moving, while their parents and grandparents learn about fun and easy ways to stay healthy. Kids will get excited about fitness and active lifestyle while exploring a GIANT walk-through anatomically accurate inflatable heart, Animal Alphabet Safari, balance games, jump ropes, hula hoops and trying their best moves on the dance floor. There will be on-stage entertainment as well, including educational speakers, dancers, musicians, athletes, and more.


Dasha Peipon and her children are looking forward to Fitness Fest on October 5!

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