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There’s Something New at The Hattiesburg Zoo!

The zoo recently opened a new Australia exhibit. It features a walk-through habitat containing wallabies, emus and kunekune pigs.

Yeah, we know what you might be thinking … what the heck is a wallaby? We don’t have wallabies here in the U.S., so perhaps an explanation is in order.

A wallaby is basically similar to a kangaroo, only smaller. According to National Geographic online, they’re found in Australia and on islands nearby. They’re marsupials. In other words, they carry their young in little pouches.

There were four wallabies given new homes in the Hattiesburg Zoo exhibit — one female and four males.

“Adding a new continent is a great step forward to our presentation of animals across the globe,” Executive Director Rick Taylor said.

“This exhibit is so special because it removes barriers between the animals and guests,” he explained via press release, “and allows our visitors to learn about conservation in a hands-on environment where they can interact with and gain a true understanding of nature around the world.”

Consider making a visit to the zoo to see the new Australia exhibit, or even scheduling a birthday party there, where your child can learn about wildlife while having fun with friends. For more information, visit

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