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How Does Obesity Further Worsen Women’s Health?

How Does Obesity Further Worsen Women’s Health?

The obesity rate of women has been ticking upwards for the past decade.

Let’s put forth a stat:  Did you know 40% of women are more obese than men (35%)?

To believe, overweight impacts different aspects of health. It contributes to fertility complications, lifetime hormonal changes, PCOS, and other health diseases.

Hence, it is desirable to lose extra pounds to reverse, slow, or prevent it. We are here to inform you of how obesity can affect women’s health. Stay with us to know more!

Health Problems of Obese and Overweight Women

It is never too late to start- a quote that fits here perfectly. If you were unaware of the health issues, overweight women go through, read below. Assuredly, most of your issues will be resolved by the end of the article.


Overweight women have a higher chance of getting gallstones. The reason is that when bile, a digestive fluid type, cannot move in the gallbladder, it solidifies into pebbles. Its basic type is created from cholesterol.

Obese women get it because of the higher level of triglyceride and cholesterol. Furthermore, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, and excess estrogen from birth control pills are also reasons for the same.

Fatty Liver Disease

Most likely, fatty liver disease occurs when you are obese. Because of this, the fat builds up in the liver. Also, it can create scar tissue, termed Cirrhosis. Eventually, this shut down the liver.

Considerably, the symptoms are not shown till the liver gets damaged fully. The doctor recommends losing weight is the best treatment to reverse or control weight. The best is to get rid of 10% of your weight; however, 3% to 5% also enhances liver health.


Recent studies also confirm that being overweight also results in health conditions, that is, uterine fibroids. It is clear that the risk of fibroids is higher in women with central obesity and large VFA (visceral fat area).

Such women experience fibroid causes, like developing fibroids 2 to 3 times more than the average weight women. The additional health conditions faced are; cramping, bloating on the pelvic area or abdomen, feeling fullness around the pelvic area, painful and heavy bleeding, and so on.

However, fibroids even generate infertility, premature labor, miscarriages, etc. The doctors will likely get various tests or ultrasounds like MRI, pelvic ultrasound, hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy., etc.

Type 2 Diabetes

Your belly fat leads to insulin resistance. It happens when the human body creates insulin, and the cells cannot use it to obtain glucose from the blood.

If the blood sugar level is higher than normal, it results in diabetes. The results are- issues with the eyes, nerves, heart, and so on. The research confirms that from 10, 8 are affected with type-2 diabetes. In addition to the medicines prescribed by the doctors, losing weight lessens the complications and symptoms.

High Blood Pressure

Women with large or bulky bodies face heart issues pumping blood to all cells. The push leads to the artery walls and is often damaged.

Indeed, the doctor also suggests exercising for twenty to thirty minutes a day, avoiding smoking, and reducing sodium consumption to 1500 mg/day. If BMI gets close to 25, you can also bring down BP.

Concluding Remarks

Being fit is a necessity for a healthy and disease-free life. Otherwise, if ignored can lead to serious consequences on your health. We have already explained that women have a higher number of obesity cases than men. And the underlying conditions are also defined.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”- Jim Rohn


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