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3 Conditions You Can Treat With IV Therapy

3 Conditions You Can Treat With IV Therapy

IV Therapy is not a cure, however there are many conditions that you can treat with IV therapy to ease the condition or slow the process of a disease. IV Therapy is the process of delivering nutrients straight to your bloodstream by way of an IV drip. The reason why IV administration of nutrients is beneficial, is because it can bypass the digestive system entirely and you can immediately receive the nutrients into your system. Here are some of the conditions that have been found to benefit from IV therapy. 

Chronic Illnesses

When people become ill, they are often unable to intake the proper amount of nutrition because they are too weak to eat, or too nauseous to keep food down. When we do not feed our body properly and often, our nutrient reserve becomes depleted rather quickly. Chronic illness can also affect the digestive system, causing it to be inflamed and intolerant of keeping food down. This is why IV is beneficial to people who are ill, because they can quickly get rehydrated and receive the medication or nutrients that they need to feel better. Some chronic illnesses IV Therapy can treat are cancer, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease, anemia, etc. 

Vitamin Deficiencies

Not just people who are ill are the people with vitamin deficiencies. It is easy to become deficient if we are not properly taking care of our bodies. Things like stress and lack of sleep or time can cause vitamin deficiencies as well as a poor diet. If you are constantly eating out or not eating proper foods, the chances of you getting synthetic vitamins or no vitamins at all are high. Important vitamins that we need come from vegetables, fruit and meat. If you also live in a location that lacks sunlight or you stay indoors most of the time, chances of you being deficient in vitamin D are high. Vitamin deficiencies lead to other illnesses that could have lasting health effects. Using IV therapy for vitamin deficiencies will help to become healthy once again. It is not smart to choose an IV drip of all the vitamins at once, but for best results, a doctor should do a blood panel to see which vitamins would be most beneficial to you. 


Dehydration is something that should not occur often, but when it does, it is important to address the situation as quickly as possible. As previously mentioned, intravenous administration can bypass the digestive system, making the fluids go directly to the bloodstream. This causes instant hydration. Some reasons why we might become dehydrated may be because you have a sickness causing diarrhea, constant vomiting, inability to keep water down, or extreme sweating in the heat without hydration. When we are severely dehydrated, we need more than just water. Getting the proper electrolytes such as calcium, potassium and sodium is the main way to become hydrated. 

IV Therapy Idaho Falls

Before deciding if you need IV Therapy, you should consult with your doctor first. Even if you are certain that you would like to try IV therapy and you know you need it, an IV Therapy Idaho Falls doctor can give you a blood test to help determine which IV would benefit you the most. 

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