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4 Ways to Look and Feel Younger After 50 without Surgery

4 Ways to Look and Feel Younger After 50 without Surgery

Old is gold. But aging comes with undesirable “pecks,” such as wrinkles, reduced physical strength, decreased sex appeal, and increased risks of certain diseases. In general, you might not feel as great and energetic as you once did, which may not sit well with you.

Life is a natural process, but it’s also about choices. We can make some choices to improve our health, look better, and feel younger even when age (nature) is against us. No, it mustn’t have to be through surgery.

So, is that your wish? Of course! Here are effective ways to look and feel younger after 50 without surgery.

1. Supplement your dwindling hormones

Aging occurs as several body functions begin to dwindle. For example, your body starts producing less collagen in your late twenties. The less collagen your skin has, the less elastic and hydrated it becomes, leading to the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. So eating food sources of collagen — such as fish, egg whites, and red vegetables — can help supplement the crashing collagen.

On the other hand, hormones such as estrogen in women and testosterone in men begin to spiral down. In most men, testosterone levels drop after age 30.

Sadly, low T leads to many undesirable symptoms of aging, such as lower energy levels, reduced libido, inability to maintain an erection, loss of muscle, etc. These things can cause concern to most men. However, TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is one way to supplement the low T levels and reverse the symptoms. Many men who have gotten TRT report improved energy, libido, mood, and a general sense of well-being. Perhaps, that might be all you need to feel energetic again.

2. Remain physically active

You’ve heard this repeatedly: physical activity is key to optimal health. It possibly sounds cliché already. And besides, why should a 50-year-old man work out? If there’s a time you must stay active, it is while aging. However, this is exactly when your body will feel most opposed to it. You’re getting weaker, and every cell in your body tells you to rest and leave physical activities for the younger generation.

But nothing could be more wrong. Your body is simply trying to play a fast one on you. The more sedentary you get, the more you start to gain weight and feel even older than you are.

Regardless of age, exercising will work wonders on your body and keep you looking young. Exercising and maintaining your physique will keep you looking smart and energetic past your 50s. Exercising increases bone strength, reducing your risks of injuries. It also improves muscle strength, helping you get around with your daily activities more easily and with less pain. If that isn’t what youthfulness is about, then nothing else is. Staying active also improves your mood — a natural antidepressant.

Remember that exercising isn’t all about lifting weight. Walking, jogging, and getting around are what staying active means, and it’s all you need to avoid the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Get some outdoor adventure

When you were young, you used to go out on vacations, hit the bar, hike a trail, or go hunting in the woods. Why must all that be a thing of the past because you’ve turned 50?

The outdoors was your playground when you were young. If those activities made you feel the rush of youthfulness, they would do the same now that you’re in your 50s and beyond.

We naturally become more house-bound as we age, but that’s just one of nature’s many tricks to make us feel our age. To look and feel younger, we ideally should be doing youthful things — like going on active adventures.

4. Make simple adjustments to your diet

Don’t get this wrong; you’re not starting any new fad diet. Instead, you’re only making a few slight adjustments to cater to your changing dietary needs.

As we age, the effects of our food choices become more apparent. Your body is now less sensitive to insulin, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases as you age. So you want to cut back on sugar and alcohol. These things cause weight gain, and it’s more difficult to burn fat as you age.

Next, increase your vegetable intake to load your system with vitamins and antioxidants necessary for healthy skin. Also, you want to consume more omega-3 fats from fish and avocado and steer clear of saturated fats like those in meat and poultry.

Finally, get as much sleep as recommended for your age bracket. Older adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep a night to feel refreshed and alert. This is how you want to feel if you desire to exude youthfulness.

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