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5 Things To Consider Before Your Child’s First Horse Riding Lessons

5 Things To Consider Before Your Child’s First Horse Riding Lessons

If you are an equine lover, you will probably pass on the trait to your kids. They will want to ride at some point, and you can do your bit by enrolling them in riding lessons. But the first horse riding lesson may be both exciting and daunting for you and your kid. You may feel apprehensive about safety, but it shouldn’t stop your child from experiencing the sheer joy and thrill of riding. A little prep goes a long way to ensure safety, enjoyment, and good learning. Here are a few things to consider before your child’s first riding lesson.

Ensure readiness

Nothing matters more than a rider’s readiness for the journey, and it is even more crucial for young people. Your child must be at least five years old before starting the regular riding lessons. The ideal age may differ for children because not all have the same aptitude to follow instructions. Moreover, genuine, persistent interest is another deciding factor for readiness. You should not force the child to get started if they are scared of the animal.

Find the right place to train

Finding the right place to train your child is another factor to bear in mind before their first riding lesson. Ideally, you must seek a tried and tested instructor with experience in training the little ones. You may seek recommendations from other parents you know or visit reputed schools in your area. Remember to check the online reviews to get a fair idea of the service and expertise of the instructor.

Prioritize safety

Whether you train the kid yourself or hire a professional instructor, safety should be your top priority. Look for the signs indicating that the provider prioritizes it. For example, they should ensure the right riding safety gear like helmets for the learners. Likewise, a Downunder Horsemanship rope halter keeps the horse disciplined and reduces the risk for young riders. The learning area should be clear of obstructions and sudden noises as they can distract the horses and riders.

Consider learning activities

Horse riding lessons for kids should go beyond sitting up, balancing themselves, and handling the reins. Ensure that the instruction picks a broad range of activities to maintain interest and develop confidence in young learners. It may include games, changes of rein, transitions between paces, and gymnastic jumping exercises. But remember that learning happens at a personalized pace because every child has a different aptitude and ability.

Check the cost

Horse riding lessons may cost a significant amount, but they make a worthy investment for your child. Learning from a pro makes them confident riders and nurtures a love for equines and the outdoors. Most trainers charge at an hourly rate, though costs may vary. You can check the rates in your area and compare them to find the best option. You may also ask for discounts.

Horse riding lessons are essential to give your kid a safe and confident start with the hobby. But you must choose the right time and trainer to ensure their safety and well-being as young riders. Follow these tips to help.

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