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Daddy Talk: Strange Happenings

Daddy Talk: Strange Happenings

As my wife approached our home last week, she came upon our dog sitting at attention in the middle of the road. Perhaps recognizing the family minivan, Stella looked at my wife and nonchalantly moved into our front yard grass. Confused as to how the dog had escaped, Ashley parked in the driveway and inspected the gate on our privacy fence. It was ever so slightly ajar.

Ashley and Stella entered the house together, surprising our six-year old and the babysitter, who were waiting in the living room. “What?!” asked the babysitter. “Why was Stella out there?” Ashley responded, “Well, why was the gate open?”

And thus began to unravel the strange account of what had happened prior…

Because Isaac gets off the school bus at our house around 3:15, while Ashley and I are both at work, we have a couple different babysitters who sometimes step in to meet him there and wait for one of us to get home. On this day, the babysitter was running a bit late because she had left our garage door opener in her apartment and had to run back for it while she was already in route to our house. Though she got back to our house a few minutes past 3:15, she thought she was in the clear because she never passed the school bus continuing its round in our neighborhood. But when she got into the house, Isaac was already there, sitting on the couch, watching Odd Squad. “What?!” asked the babysitter. “How did you get in here?”

And thus began the six-year old’s story…

Isaac got off the bus at the normal time and found that no one was home and that everything was locked up. The “plan” for this sort of occasion, as we had discussed with him before, was that he should go to the neighbor’s house and ask the lady there to call or send us a text and then wait there until we got home. Apparently, though, Isaac did not want to miss Odd Squad. He tried to scale the privacy fence, but it was too high. He was, however, able to pry the gate open just enough to squeeze in—and just enough for the dog to squeeze out—and he proceeded to hoist his lunchbox andbackpack through the tiny doggie door on our back porch. He then hoisted himself through the doggie door and went straight to the TV. Enter, the babysitter. About thirty minutes later, enter my wife and the dog.

As we pieced together the stories, my wife and I didn’t know whether to be angry with Isaac for not following the “locked house” protocol or to be impressed that he figured out how to get in. I called my dad to brag about our resourceful first grader.His first reaction was to point out that our house must not be very secure if a six-year old can break into it. Increased security measures are now in place. I wonder if Isaac will be able to crack those.


Tim Krason lives in Clinton with his family. His address will not be printed here.

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Tim Krason

Tim Krason grew up in Tupelo, MS, and settled in the Jackson area after studying at Mississippi College. He has been married to Ashley for 10 years, and they live in Clinton with their three children. Tim teaches English at Hinds Community College in Raymond and has been writing the Daddy Talk column for several years.

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