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Parent Points: Dr. Damon Discusses Mental Health in Youth

Parent Points: Dr. Damon Discusses Mental Health in Youth

Dr. John Damon from Canopy Children’s Solutions answered several questions in this Parent Point interview. Some of the questions are listed below the video with time stamps so you can easily find them.




Do you think pressure to excel will transfer into anxiety? 22:08

Can young children develop anxiety from witnessing something like their grandparents’ divorce? 25:06

Can excessive screen time affect a child’s mental health (behavioral problems, anxiety, depression)? 27:52

Do you recommend all children of divorce receive counseling, even if the split was amicable and kids seem well adjusted? 36:48

What are some unique challenges that our youth are facing today? 40:24

Is it normal for children to experience stress, anxiety or depression? 43:02

What are the signs that a child may be struggling with anxiety or depression? 46:42

What should you do if you notice these signs in your child? 49:57

Do mental health challenges present themselves differently, depending on a child’s age? 52:39

How do you know when a child needs professional help? 56:36

What are ways parents can help their child normalize their mental health challenges? 1:02

I know that there is a lot of science tied to exercise and good mental health. Can you please explain to our audience how these are connected? 1:06

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