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Balancing the Gifts and Learning Differences of a Life with Dyslexia

Balancing the Gifts and Learning Differences of a Life with Dyslexia

By Jenny Cox


Reading to a classroom filled with third-grade peers, a young man named Steven dreaded the merciless teasing and taunts as he struggled to simply read in class. In the 1950s, Steven was known by his peers as an ordinary boy who was the brunt of jokes as he struggled academically and known by his teachers as a boy that should have tried just a little harder to do well in school.

Not knowing until adulthood that he had dyslexia, young Steven sought a source of comfort and great escape from the reality of bullying at school by making homemade movies.

“When I got bullied, I dealt with it by making movies. I have no resentment because of what I went through as a kid. I never felt like a victim. Making movies was my great escape and helped me get away from all of that. In light of feeling like an outsider, movies made me feel inside my own skillset,” Steven said.

Despite living with dyslexia, Steven’s professional accomplishments are uniquely remarkable and vastly well-known. Legendary American director, producer and screenwriter, Steven Spielberg has captivated movie-goers throughout generations. His career spans more than four decades with spectacular cinematic masterpieces such as the suspenseful and riveting science-fiction thriller Jaws, to the magical E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and harrowing Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan, and the unforgettable thrillers of Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

From the hills of Hollywood to the magnolia laden state of Mississippi, dyslexia affects celebrities in California to residents of the South.

Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, Dr. Nancy Whitten New, a daughter of a farmer, has vivid memories when she and her sisters enjoyed sunny afternoons among the cotton fields. Beyond the cotton fields of her childhood in Avalon, Mississippi, to classrooms and communities throughout the state of Mississippi, Nancy has carried with her the love for planting and cultivating; but the harvest has been one to provide academic and social opportunities for the diverse learning needs of students and create stability and success for all Mississippi families.

Dr. New was diagnosed with dyslexia while attending The University of Southern Mississippi and received her PhD, Master’s and Bachelor’s in English Education and Educational Leadership and Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Upon graduation, Dr. New’s newfound calling was to help children with learning differences and diverse learning needs. With dyslexia affecting one in five individuals, Dr. Nancy New, Founder of Mississippi Dyslexia Centers, recognized a need in the state of Mississippi for therapy services. “I understand the challenges associated with living with dyslexia. I have dedicated my career in the field of education and community service to helping families find solutions to their needs. Having lived with dyslexia fueled my passion to help others through Mississippi Dyslexia Centers to increase accessibility of services throughout our state,” Dr. New stated.

In 2009, Dr. New and her son Zach New founded the Mississippi Dyslexia Centers, which have served the needs of over 2,000 students since its inception and 300 students annually at five centers located in Madison, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Oxford, and Greenwood.

Mississippi Dyslexia Centers offer therapy to individuals of all ages to meet their educational needs by providing quality dyslexia therapy. Mississippi Dyslexia Centers are dedicated to meeting the needs of all learners with a dyslexia therapy program that is a structured, sequential, multi-sensory approach to the English language. The core of the training evolved from Orton-Gillingham, a scientific, universally successful, specific teaching approach that combines all three learning modalities: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Dyslexia is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. The problems displayed by individuals with dyslexia involve difficulties in acquiring and using written language. Living with dyslexia with simple learning modification and celebrating the “gifts” of the dyslexic mind, from a strong ability to see the “big picture” and being avidly creative, paves the path for success.

Countless Hollywood celebrities to successful business leaders across the country and state of Mississippi have excelled while living with dyslexia. Dr. Nancy New’s career in the field of education and as a compassionate advocate for Mississippi’s students with learning differences and diverse learning needs spans nearly 40 years in educational and business settings. Through her own journey with dyslexia, she hopes to use opportunities to serve others with compassion and support.

“I would say to the parents of children with dyslexia to try to seek out as much information and support as possible. At Mississippi Dyslexia Centers we strive to bring dyslexia awareness across the state of Mississippi and provide an avenue of encouragement and therapy services to meet the needs of Mississippians with dyslexia. While you travel the road in this journey of life with dyslexia, be mindful that individuals with dyslexia are very smart, extremely creative and have a vision to see outside the box. Let those attributes and characteristics work for you and know that at Mississippi Dyslexia Centers we will serve you on your goal to life-long success,” said Dr. Nancy New.


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