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Kid Craft: Student Desk Accessories

Kid Craft: Student Desk Accessories
By Sherryl LaPointe

It’s back-to-school time! We know parents are busy right now, but it’s important to make time for a little crafting, even during the hectic times of the year. Nothing beats doing crafts that are both fun as well as useful in organizing your child’s life. This activity is designed to make your little student’s “desk” time easier and neater as the new school year gets underway.


(Note to parents: I actually use several of these to help with filing small cookbook/pamphlets in my kitchen, as well as with storing items in my craft area.)


Large cereal box

Scissors (or knife if an adult is doing the box cutting and prefers)



Contac paper with a pattern of the child’s choosing


1. Carefully cut off the top and one of the (thin) sides of the box.

2. On the front and back, draw a diagonal line from the top you removed to the bottom of the side you removed, making a slanted side. Before cutting, check your work to be sure you are leaving a three-sided box with a high, thin back and two slanted sides.

3. Cut on the slanted lines to leave the paper file, as described.

4. Use the Contac paper to cover the paper holder. This will not only make it pretty, but will give it stability, and the Contac paper is washable with a damp cloth! With care, this will be usable for years.



Empty tin cans various sizes — as many as desired (Parent: check to be certain that there are no little sharp spots left from the can opener. I always flatten these with a pair of pliers or a hammer)

Scissors, to cut paper

Contac paper


Wrap cans in matching Contac paper (It can’t get any easier than this!)


(“Stuff” may be crayons, paper clips, tape, or whatever is important and clutters up the work area)


Tuna fish cans (wash these really carefully)

Spam cans

Greeting card boxes

Whatever containers you or your child come up with


Contac paper


Wrap Items in Contac paper (I think you had it figured out by now!)

Do all of the above, and each child can have a personalized desk set. There will be no question of which items are whose. Also, If one of the paper holders is used for incoming/outgoing papers, and a routine is established, it will be easy to find homework, teacher notes, permission slips, etc.


Sherryl LaPointe, a retired teacher and children’s minister, lives with her husband, Harris, and dog, Muffin, in Gulfport. They enjoy frequent visits from their daughter, Linette. Sherryl enjoys pursuing many hobbies including crafts, art and writing.

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