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Outdoor Summer Party

Outdoor Summer Party
By: Molly Reid


Money-saving tips included!

How can one beat the summer heat and keep everyone from melting? You don’t always have to take your celebration inside! There are several cost-friendly possibilities that keep the guest of honor and the guests happy!

Pool Party

Nothing speaks Summer fun quite like a swimming pool. Whether you are members at a community pool or lucky enough to have one in your own backyard, make it a pool party! Sarah from Brandon shared her experience: “Having a birthday party at the neighborhood pool saved me the stress and time of providing party activities. Swimming was all the kids wanted to do! Besides eat, of course.”

If your kids are small, pick up a couple of plastic pools or an inflatable sprinkler from your local supercenter. Most young guests don’t like to be submerged in water, but rather in and out at their own pace. Moms can rest too, knowing their littlest babies are safe.

Money-saving tip: Keep it simple with some noodles and beach balls you snagged from the local Dollar General. You don’t have to make it fancy to make it fun.

Water Rental

You’re fighting the heat, but your child wants a bounce house. Don’t panic! You can rent a bounce house and water slide COMBINED from your local party rental. It is probably the least party prep you will ever have to do. They set it up and you turn it on. It’s that simple and kids will play for hours!

Stephanie from Brandon shared some advice: “Renting a water slide was one of the best birthday decisions we have ever had. It was so easy and everyone enjoyed it.  Even moms and dads! Worth every penny.”

Money-saving tip:  If you have a trampoline and a low guest list, turn on the water sprinkler under the trampoline.  It won’t cost you a thing!

Ice Cream Party

There is almost nothing better than a hot summer day and your favorite ice cream dripping down your fingers. Whether in a cone or a waffle bowl, ice cream is a summer time staple. For your birthday sweetie, create her very own ice cream bar! You could even buy individual vanilla ice cream cups for easy scooping. Have several toppings such as caramel, strawberry syrup, crushed Oreos, and M&M’s. Your party guests will love assembling their own sundaes! You could even make it into a contest: who can create the most unique and delicious ice cream sundae? Grandparents might make the best taste testers!

Money-saving tip: Don’t buy the most expensive ice cream for this event. It’s going to be covered in chocolate syrup and candies. No one will know the difference!

Backyard BBQ

Few things are more delicious than BBQ. Do you have a grill? Slap some hot dogs on the fire and bring out the goods. Pair it with chips, fruit and birthday cake or cupcakes for the best and easiest meal ever.

Keep it real with your own swing set and backyard haven. Break open the sidewalk chalk. Young kids will be well entertained with just that. If you have older kids, have hula-hoops or jump ropes out. Plan a later party and enjoy the summer evening breeze! Melissa from Petal shared, “Having a party at home allowed for more freedom. My kids are still little. Being at home provides the opportunity for them to be in their own environment and enjoy their party.” Neighborhood parks are a good option too!

Money-saving tip: For unlimited outdoor entertainment, buy a small bubble machine at Walmart or order one from Amazon.

Molly Reid lives in Petal, MS, is happily married to Josh, and is a stay at home mom to their three beautiful children.

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