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VBS Fun For All!

Vacation Bible School, also known as VBS, can be a valuable time for your child in more ways than one. Children are immersed in learning Bible stories and scripture for days on end from teachers who offer their time to minister to your kids. According to, time spent at VBS is equivalent to over four months of Sunday school! If you’ve driven by dozens of VBS banners this spring and it sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading for tips on choosing the best one for your family. 

First, see if your own church offers a VBS program. You could even volunteer to help so you can see firsthand how much your child is growing each day. If you don’t have time to volunteer, you’re likely to know the people working with your child and will feel especially safe knowing he’s in good hands. If you don’t have a regular church, try asking your child’s friends’ parents if their churches offer VBS programming during the summer. Your child will be more comfortable attending VBS with a buddy, and what better opportunity is there for your child to spend time with friends?

Megan Clark, family pastor at the Orchard Church in Oxford, suggests to ask questions about a church you’re unfamiliar with, including whether the church background checks volunteers, what the kids’ ministry and safety policies are, and what kind of theology is being taught at the church. Other things to check out include how many kids are in each class and how many adults are supervising each group. 

Megan, who has two little boys, also suggests choosing a VBS based on the time of day in which the programming is offered. “Would it be best to have activities in the morning or in the evening? If you have younger kids, a morning option might be best so they aren’t up past their bedtime, while older kids might do well at either one.” Also consider your own work schedule, factoring in pick-up and drop-off possibilities. 

“More than anything, you want to know your kids will have an emotionally and physically safe VBS experience,” Megan says. VBS is a great way to keep kids entertained for the summer while learning lessons they will hold dear for years to come. As you plan out your summer schedule, don’t forget to include Vacation Bible School this year. 

Rhyan Davis loved volunteering at VBS during her high school summers and still remembers the songs she learned there as a child. 

VBS Programs in Jackson

Check out the websites and social media pages of these local churches. Their VBS programs are always lots of fun! Contact the churches directly to get all the details about their upcoming children’s summer programs.

First Baptist Church in Jackson

First Presbyterian Church in Jackson

Pear Orchard Church in Jackson

Covenant Presbyterian Church in Jackson 

First Baptist Church in Madison 

Faith Presbyterian Church in Jackson 

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