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6 Hacks to Help You Balance Between Work and School

6 Hacks to Help You Balance Between Work and School

School is a big commitment that requires your time and attention. However, a significant percentage of college students also have full-time jobs to make ends meet and support their families. As a working student, you may have difficulty achieving an equilibrium between school and work life. You wouldn’t want your grades to suffer at the expense of your job. Losing your job is also out of the question. Well, here are some practical hacks you can leverage to balance work and school.

Talk to your boss at work

For starters, it would help to let your boss know that you are juggling school and work so that they understand your elevated stress levels and accommodate your needs. If your boss is reasonable, they might let you take time off work during your exams and allow you to leave earlier to attend your physical classes. Ensure you share your term dates and timetable with your boss so that they know what to expect.

Opt for online classes

Physical classes require you to be present and alert until the lesson ends. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your education because of poor attendance. Since you also can’t be in two places at once, you could find out if the school offers online classes for working students. That way, you can attend class while you work and download the notes from the school website.

Learn basic time management skills

If you fail to manage your time wisely, you will spend too much time on non-essential tasks. It would help if you did some soul searching and identified the hours you are most efficient. Prioritize urgent and time-consuming tasks when you are fresh and have the mental capacity to complete them satisfactorily. You could even use productivity tools to help you manage the way you allot time to tasks.

Seek help with essays and assignments

It might be pretty challenging to keep up with all your assignments while working a full-time job. Fortunately, plenty of platforms such as can help you submit your assignments and essays on time while you work. As you use these platforms, ensure you give clear and detailed instructions to get top-notch deliverables.

Choose a course you will enjoy studying

If you study for something you love, you will be more motivated to get into class and create time out of work to revisit your notes. You will also be less likely to treat studying like a chore and prioritize your schoolwork over distractions.

Seek support from your peers and family

There is a high chance that some of the students in your cohort are juggling school and work. You could approach them and ask them how they manage to balance without feeling overwhelmed. It would also help to talk to your friends and family outside school and let them know how they can lend a helping hand, such as dropping you off or helping with house chores.

Wrapping up

You should do whatever it takes to achieve your educational goals while pursuing a successful career. We are here to tell you that it is possible and many students before you have excelled in school and made their families proud. Strike a proper balance and you will be better positioned to excel at school and work!

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