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A Mother’s Day to Remember

A Mother’s Day to Remember

Most moms will tell you that the greatest gift they could receive on Mother’s Day is spending time with their kids. Whether in-person or virtually, the fact that you can spend Mother’s Day together matters most. Presents and pampering are still fine options for celebrating someone you love, but simple joy amongst your family is a gift like no other. 

Heads up, dads: This article is for YOU!

Here are some ideas on how to spend family time with Mom on Mother’s Day:

Serve breakfast in bed. Start her day off right by preparing a breakfast to serve in bed. Better yet, make it brunch in bed and let her sleep in. Coffee and/or mimosas will help her get ready for the special day! Don’t forget to clean up the kitchen after you cook. No one wants to wake up to dirty dishes.

Head outside. Mother’s Day falls during the most beautiful time of spring, when it’s just warm enough to be outside. It’s a great day to sit near a lake or in the woods. Remember to pack her favorite book and give her some quiet time to catch up on some reading.

Scavenger hunt. Take mom on a scavenger hunt that leads to her favorite places, such as a coffee shop, a café where she’ll have lunch, her favorite park, or even her favorite spot at home. Each place she goes to contains a note from a different family member telling her how much she means to them.

Dig in the garden. There are tons of benefits of gardening, from boosting mood to lowering blood pressure. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to start planting seeds. Every time mom sees the flowers, she’ll be reminded of her special day. Some flowers that are fairly easy to maintain include sunflowers, morning glories and sweet peas.

Make a family time capsule. Have family members draw pictures, write down where they see themselves in five years, print photographs, and make special crafts. Place items in a box (preferably a stainless steel container) and bury it in the backyard. This gives the family sweet memories to look back on in a few years.

Take mom on a picnic. The menu doesn’t have to be fancy. Pack mom’s favorite sandwich, fruit and drink. Charcuterie boards are fun and easy to prepare and the best part is, there is a wide variety of boards you can make depending on her taste. If she’s not into meats and cheeses, you can create a fruit board. If she has a sweet tooth, you can create a board with chocolate and sweets.

Have a movie night. End mom’s special day by popping some popcorn, cuddling up with her under a cozy blanket, and watching a fun movie of her choice.

Some perfect movies for Mother’s Day are:


Steel Magnolias

Little Women

The Blind Side

The Sound of Music

Freaky Friday

Mrs. Doubtfire

Cheaper by the Dozen

Joy Luck Club

No matter what you plan for Mother’s Day, your mom is sure to feel loved and appreciated.

Ashley Karcher lives in Ocean Springs with her husband and four children.

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