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Ways to Be a Cool Parent

Ways to Be a Cool Parent

We can never really know what kind of parent we would turn out to be. No matter how much you struggle to do things the way your parents have taught you or simply to implement a rational, directive, and disciplinarian focus, you may never end up being that “cool” parent. If you strive to lead your children to the right path in life and still incorporate some adequate teaching methods, you need to upscale your deeds. You can be a cool parent and raise well-rounded, eloquent, and diligent children at the same time, you only need to follow these tips to stay on the right track.


Let them do their thing


Starting from early toddler age, if you let the baby crawl on her own and not help much when it is trying to reach the toy or get up, that same child will later be more independent and stronger. Life is a struggle, and if you teach your children how to deal with their troubles and worries in their matter, you will prepare them better for the fierce world. However, make sure that you offer your support at all times, and even stay along with them throughout the struggle as a “helping hand”. They will appreciate your background help much more than if you have “solved” their problem instead.


Step inside their shoes


One of the best ways to be a cool parent is to mimic your children’s behavior and play the way they play. Children love it when you immerse in their magical world. Be spontaneous, brave, and imaginative and teach them how to go through life and deal with numerous life situations through play. Kids easily learn how to be bold and creative when you incorporate unstructured playtime. It can be anything from role-playing to rollerblading down the streets. For example, you can play-pretend that you are at the doctor’s or just get your kids great shoes with wheels and race around the neighborhood.


Build a strong relationship that leads to fun


Being a cool parent takes time and effort, but above all, it takes a lot of patience and work from your side. To be the caring, skillful, and authoritarian parent you need to be confident in yourself, remain calm, be joyous, and immediately adopt and develop a strong bond with your child. This means being always self-assured of your decision, and if necessary think them through carefully before executing some of those decisions. Children will remember a well-thought lesson, but they will remember the temper you exuded when you governed some of your rules. Be open-minded and fun. With that notion, you can build a strong relationship that leads to having loads of fun.


Stick to your principles


The worst thing you can do when raising children is to constantly change your ideas and principles. If you have once forbidden something, banned them from going somewhere or just utilize a specific rule, stick to it. Don’t change afterward if the child starts crying or nagging. You won’t be any “cooler” if you have succumbed to their begging and tears, especially if you know what they did is wrong or not good for them. Rather make some deliberate choices instead of reacting emotionally and you will undoubtedly be a cool parent.


Talk, talk, talk


A bad-tempered situation can come up any time, and by teaching your children how to get away with it by mere talk, they will respect you and be more grateful later in life. With respect come many other benefits, like the coolness. That’s why you need to be able to have long, knowledgeable, honest and real conversations about the world around them. When you present things to them in the right and tangible way, they will go through the world better prepared and you would earn their trust for good.

Being a cool parent doesn’t mean pleasing every single of their needs. On the contrary, keeping your integrity, not losing your authority and being down-to-earth is what makes a “cool” parent stand out from the rest.


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