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Gourmet Meals While Camping? Why not?

Gourmet Meals While Camping? Why not?
By Jennifer Dawson 

Approximately 47 million people in the United States went camping last year, according to Statista, The Statistics Portal. Camping is a great opportunity to be with family and relax without any electronic distractions or manmade stresses. However, for some campers cooking can be one of the elements of the wilderness that minimizes relaxation and ultimately takes the fun out of camping. If you’re one of those people, stay calm and don’t fret. Instead, check out one of these easy yet creative camping meals that will be filling and fun for you and the kids. 

Bacon in a Bag 

If you don’t have any frying pans or plates at your campsite, then improvise with this unique breakfast recipe. Simply fill the bottom of a paper bag with a couple strips of bacon to create a bacon nest for your eggs. Then, crack a couple of eggs and pour them in on top of your bacon. Fold the bag over and attach it to the end of a long stick. Roast your breakfast bag over your fire for about 7-10 minutes. After you remove your creation from the fire, you can eat your breakfast right from the bag. This is a fun and unique way to get your kids cooking outdoors. 

Campfire Cones Over the Fire 

S’mores are a favorite on any camping trip because they’re easy to make and they’re absolutely kid-friendly. However, try a new twist on an old tradition by making campfire cones. Instead of graham crackers, you’ll fill a waffle cone with your favorite treats. Add whatever you want into the cone such as marshmallows, M&Ms, chocolate chips, strawberries or bananas. Then, wrap the entire cone in aluminum foil and toss it over the coals of your fire for 5-10 minutes. When done, you’ll have the perfect melted treat everyone will love! 

Tacos in a Bag 

Tacos are one of the most kid-friendly meals to make and allow your family to choose exactly what toppings they want on their dinner or lunch meal. For this recipe, you may want to do a little prep at home before you head out camping. For example, you can cook and season your meats or dice all your veggies beforehand. At the campsite, each person gets a small bag of his or her favorite chips. Doritos, Fritos and tortilla chips work the best. Then, have everyone open the bag and squeeze it to break up the chips. Everyone can add any toppings into their bags of chips: cooked meat, diced tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, corn, cheese and salsa. Shake up the bag and stick your forks right in. Everyone is sure to love this fun and easy meal.  

Campfire Muffins in an Orange Peel 

When you don’t have any baking pans to use on your trip, improvise with other foods. Prior to leaving the house, whip up a batch of your favorite muffin batter. Then bring it with you in a plastic container or a Ziploc bag. Once you’re ready to cook, halve an orange and scoop out the fruit. You can use the insides later for orange juice or toppings for a fruit salad. Once you’ve scooped out an orange, pour your muffin batter into the halved peels. Place these on top of your campfire and have them bake for about 10-15 minutes. You can sit back and watch your muffins transform before your eyes.   

Cooking at your campsite is a part of the experience. However, creating healthy and tasty meals doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, cook up one of these gourmet meals to enjoy delicious food and have lots of fun.  


Jennifer Dawson left her corporate 9-5 to pursue her passion of freelance writing and to spend more time with her kids. 


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