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Kids Talk: Why I Can’t Wait to Visit My Grandparents

Laura Box, 12 years old 

I enjoy spending time with my grandparents because they are always so generous. Whenever I go to see them, I’m always amazed at all the canned and pickled items my grandmother has made from the food that they have grown in their enormous garden. She tells me that she enjoys canning because whenever people come to her home, she always has something to give them. I don’t think anyone has ever left my grandparents’ home empty-handed. Also, when my grandparents come to visit, they fill our pantry with their jams, jellies, tomatoes, green beans and homemade salsa!

Once, my grandfather surprised my mother with a cedar farm table, benches and a serving tray which he made himself.

A Bible verse that I think describes my grandparents is 2 Corinthians 9:7: “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Freeman Callen, 9 years old 

My Grandparents are retired now, so I get to spend more time with them going on trips. I love playing tennis with my Grandaddy.

Kate Callen, 6  years old 

I love being with my grandparents because they take me to fun places and always have special treats for me. They also teach me about Jesus. My favorite gift is the Bible they gave me.

Charlotte Oates, 10 years old 

My grandparents mean a lot to me. They love Jesus. My grandfather, Ddaddy, is a pastor.

My grandmother, Lao Lao, loves to read and takes me to get books. We have special dates when it is just the two of us: we get a book and have tea together. Lao Lao and I run 5k races together too. I wish my grandparents lived closer, because they are seven hours away. I love it when I get to be with them.

Lydian Peipon, 6 years old 

I always enjoy the time with my grandparents because they make a lot of good things to eat. I really like the yummy food they make: farmers cheese, borshch (beet soup), kefir – and everything is homemade! My grandparents also take me to a lot of fun places, like the zoo, the park, the mall, the pool. They also take me to places I need to go to: school, church and choir. I like teaching my grandparents Spanish: grandmother is “abuela”, grandfather is “abuelo”.

Eliana Vaughn, 12 years old 

My Granny is loving and caring, and she brightens my day. What makes her even more special is that she has traveled to a lot of different places all over the world.

I can’t wait to visit my Granny because I love her house as if it were my own. Her house is so full of joy.

It is always special when I get to celebrate holidays with my Granny. I also like when she visits because we do fun things, like go to festivals and spend time with my aunt and younger cousins.

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