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Storytime Fun With Your Favorite Celebrities

Storytime Fun With Your Favorite Celebrities

Summer is here, but this is unlike any summer on record. School may be “out,” but young readers are still at home searching for productive and creative ways to pass their time. We’ve had lots of fun with all the virtual tools to keep our kids engaged and learning. But here’s one resource we haven’t seen yet, and we’re really excited to share it with you!

SAG-AFTRA Foundation is offering new avenues of reading opportunities and storytelling for children worldwide by offering free online literacy website Storyline Online.

While summer camp options are limited this summer, the Storyline Online Summer Camp is an opportunity for kids to join fun activities, such as arts, crafts, sports and storytelling. While many kids can still engage in these activities, they’ll be doing it with parents and siblings. Quality family time – that’s an added bonus! Storyline Online is inviting all young readers across the world to join its online summer camp by recording themselves reading their favorite books or writing their own books and reading it out loud.

Young readers can post their stories on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #StorylineOnlineSummerCamp, and their read-alouds will be shared on the Storyline Online Instagram platform so that every “camper” all over the world can join in the fun and enjoy stories read by their friends and peers.

“Summer camp may be on hold,” says Foundation president Courtney B. Vance, “but there’s still good times to be had. We’ve spent close to 20 years reading aloud to kids, and they always want to join in the fun. By getting them on board as storytellers and creating a virtual Summer Camp where children can record their own stories to be shared, we believe that even more children will be encouraged to read, and read aloud, which is one of the most essential life

skills. It’s also a great time for both children and adults. These young storytellers are really inspiring, and such a joy to watch!”

Storyline Online Summer Camp runs from July 6 through August 31 and seeks to create a virtual collaborative atmosphere of young storytellers sharing their favorite books—that they’ve read or written themselves—and letting the world know what the stories mean to them personally.

Storyline Online® continues to add stories to its bookverse and currently provides 60 video read-alouds by some of the world’s most beloved storytellers who engage young viewers with their animated interpretations of historic, adventurous and fantastical tales that promote imagination and inclusion. The program also provides supplemental teaching materials for many stories, which means that whether they’re in a classroom with a teacher or at home with a parent or caregiver, every young reader has access to a full range of educational possibilities.


To watch all of the Storyline Online® videos, visit

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