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7 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy While You’re Studying

7 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy While You’re Studying

Interaction with children is what fills our hearts with love and desire for life. Their laughter, carelessness, and naivety are the best reward for happy parents. But there are situations when a young mother or father must return to academic activity, which becomes a real challenge. So how do you keep your child busy while you’re studying? At first glance, this seems like an impossible task. But don’t panic: here are some ideas to help you get a few hours of silence for your papers.


Plasticine is one of humanity’s best inventions, perfect for keeping your child entertained. Place a box of colorful bricks and invite your son or daughter to have fun. Show that plasticine is a great idea to become a sculptor. Create a figurine of a person, animal, or your child’s favorite cartoon character. You are guaranteed to interest your kid and be able to switch to academic activities.

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What could be more fun than combining LEGO bricks? Imagine building a Millenium Falcon from the Star Wars universe or a mini city with houses, shops, and highways. Your child is sure to enjoy this activity. So you only need to buy the LEGO set and give your kid creative freedom. Now you have enough time to do the process of preparing for tests and exams or write a couple of papers. It is unlikely that your child will disturb you.

Soap Bubbles

There is nothing easier than pleasing your child with soap bubbles. Find a recipe on the Internet and mix water with soap in the right proportion. Now you need to find a plastic straw and show your child how to infuse a soap bubble. Some parents think that such entertainment will only be relevant for young children. But even if your kid is ten years old, bubbles can still be a good idea.

Anyway, you should try to see the result. As a last resort, you can always delegate your papers to look for other ways to keep your child’s attention. Just check college research paper writing services reviews. Surely you will find interesting options, so do not worry: time is on your side. By the way, you do not have to prepare soap water for your child. Go to your nearest toy store, and you will surely find cheap soap bubble machines with rechargeable cartridges. Your child will love this toy.

Start a Movie

Many parents try to limit screen time, which is a normal approach. Your kids don’t have to spend all their time using YouTube, Tik Tok or other websites. But what if you urgently need to craft a research paper and your kid needs to sit quietly for at least a few hours? Play your children’s favorite movie or TV show. This type of entertainment will keep them occupied while you study. There is nothing wrong with repeating this trick periodically when you need time to concentrate.

Sketch a Life-Size Self-Portrait

Imagine that you have a large mirror in your house. Surely your child likes to look into it from time to time. How about finding an easel, a large canvas, and paints? Suggest your kid sketch a life-size self-portrait. Such an idea will be a pleasant surprise for your son or daughter. Show how to make basic contours, keep the face proportions, and choose a color palette. Then your child will figure out the details on their own. Enjoy your free time and start your academic activities. Now is your chance to switch to reading or writing.

Build a Fort

All children love to build forts and castles from toys. That is why you should offer your son or daughter such an idea. Choose from bricks, blocks, or LEGO bricks. Suggest any idea previously found online. Surely your kid will be delighted with such an idea, and you will get more free time for academic activities. However, you should prepare for a situation where your child will not know where to start. Download at least a couple of pictures from the Internet and start the building process. Your child can then continue the entire process independently while you concentrate on the academic details.

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to keep your child busy while you’re studying. All of the above ideas are just a springboard for your creativity. Use any method to reserve at least a couple hours for your academic activities. Surely you will be successful because children love the fun associated with toys and other entertainment. Try each of the suggested ideas, and you will surely be able to keep your child busy. So be patient and experiment: your success is somewhere near!

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