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Livestream Workouts for Kids

Livestream Workouts for Kids
United States Tennis Association (USTA) is hosting a country-wide Facebook Live workout with a USTA instructor every Friday at 1pm! Join the fun!


Stuck at home, removed from friends and activities, for children, the impact of COVID can be especially hard. Dr. Larry Lauer, Mental Performance and Life Skills expert for the USTA, who routinely works with young athletes, offers these pro tips to parents struggling to understand what’s happening with their children:

  1. Look deeper: Children may not be able to explain how they feel, so look for other physical or behavioral signs like stomach aches, acting overly irritable or highly emotional. These are all signs of anxiety.

  2. Address the behavior: It’s important to allow children to talk about how they are feeling. They may have irrational fears or concerns that you can address through a conversation.

  3. Keep them engaged: Find at-home activities inspired by their favorite sports or hobbies to allow them to feel connected to the things they once enjoyed. (Net Generation is a great place to start!)

  4. Limit video games: This can be a challenge when stuck at home, but video games allow children to disassociate from what’s happening around them. They can also become highly irritable when the video game time has ended.

  5. Play together: Use this time to connect with your children, play board games, toss a ball in the backyard, or hit tennis balls against a wall. Time spent together will reduce anxiety and could build motor skills that will be useful when they return to their favorite sport.

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