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PK Picks: Games to Play with the Family

We asked P&K contributors what their favorites were, here are their answers. Maybe some will become your favorites, too.


It’s my favorite board game with it’s characters and themes plus it encourages deductive reasoning.


My kids are pretty competitive so they like buying as much property as they can.


Even though I can’t get everyone on board yet.

Candy Land

It’s our go to game currently. My youngest is 5 and my oldest is 16. It is a game we all can play.


This is an electronic game that uses a game board and an app downloaded to your tablet. The object is to quickly play music requests from the audience to earn points. You use color-coded cards concealing RFID chips programmed with different parts of songs to change the music mix. The device mixes the music and assigns points based on how fast you fulfilled the request and how good the match/mix is with the rest of the music. TLDR; This is the closest I will come to fulfilling my college dream of becoming a DJ.

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