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3 Must-Have Apps and Devices to Make Shopping with Your Baby a Breeze

3 Must-Have Apps and Devices to Make Shopping with Your Baby a Breeze

Shopping with a baby is no easy task. It can even seem overwhelming and intimidating with the first couple of tries. Questions such as, “Am I going at the right time”, “How do I place the carseat inside the cart with groceries?” or “What if my baby wakes up in the middle for a feeding”, are all valid and intimidating questions for what would normally be an easy errand. Thankfully, we’re living in times of technology and advancement and we no longer have to add stress to what’s already a hectic time getting your parenting skills down. Because sometimes there are times where we can’t avoid the dreaded run to the grocery store, here are three ways to get it done with ease.

In person

For those times when you have no choice but to get it done with your baby, luckily Binxy Baby has made it easy for you to avoid the frustration of having to figure out the juggling of it all. With the Binxy Baby shopping cart cover and hammock, you can leave your car seat in the car while you shop. Simply clip on the hammock to the shopping cart and watch your baby lie comfortably and securely while you push through your grocery list. Not only is it comfortable for your little one, it’s also meant to create more room for groceries in the cart that you wouldn’t be able to have with a chunky car seat.

At home

If you don’t have an app like InstaCart, you probably should download it right away. There’s nothing better than having someone take care of your grocery shopping and bring it to your front door while you play or snuggle up with your baby. The great thing about this app is that not only is it beneficial for you as the user, it’s also beneficial for the shopper that’s doing it for you. You are helping them make some added income so it’s a win-win situation. Even baby stores such as BuyBuyBaby are available in some areas so you can shop for baby specific items right from your phone.

Curbside pickup

With the pandemic hitting the country recently, a lot of grocery stores are adapting and adding a drive-thru and curbside service for easy pickup. If staying cooped up in the house is driving you a little stir crazy or maybe a little drive can help put your baby down for her nap, use the drive-thru service at your grocery store. The best part about curbside pickup is that you can choose when to pick up your groceries. By choosing a time slot, you can work around you and your baby’s schedule. Once you get to the store, they’ll load up your car so that you can be on your way without leaving the car. Which also cuts down on the time it takes for you to leave the house getting you and your baby ready. This way you can both shop in your jammies and slippers.

Adjusting to motherhood isn’t always easy so when you can “cut corners” with your chores, you should take advantage. You have enough on your plate and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little help when it comes to chores and errands to make your life easier. Use every device, app and piece of technology that can do that for you so you can focus on the things that matter most to you as a mom.

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