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Call Your Dentist!

Call Your Dentist!



Emilee Peeples Milling received her doctorate from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry in 2014 and graduated from the University of Florida. Following graduation, she returned to her hometown Jackson to join Young and Milling Pediatric Dentistry. Find her at or visit


I never realized how many dental emergencies I saw until I was forced to close my practice for six weeks. Emphasis was placed on home care while routine dental work was put on hold. During the COVID-19 shutdown, fillings fell out, crowns came off, teeth got bumped, toothaches occurred, braces wires came out, and orthodontic brackets fell off. These types of emergencies are part of my everyday life, so much so that I hardly notice them anymore. But during the COVID-19 shutdown, solving these issues became more difficult.

It forced me to see the importance of visiting the dentist every six months and for our braces patients to be checked every four to six weeks. When dental decay is left unattended, teeth that once needed a filling soon need a crown. Patients who were scheduled to have their braces removed now have wires bent or brackets off and must stay in braces another few months to correct the malalignment.

Prevention is key, and it starts with routine dental cleanings every six months. If an appointment was cancelled because the dental office was closed, it is extremely important to call and reschedule an appointment.

Dental offices are held to an extremely high standard of cleanliness that did not start with the pandemic. In addition to our standard personal protective equipment, gowns and face shields are used. Temperatures are taken at the door, and masks are required by everyone that enters the building. Bathrooms are cleaned after every use. Social distancing is practiced in the reception areas as well as the operatories. Amidst the pandemic, if you dare venture out your door, make sure it will improve your health by starting with routine dental care.

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