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Ask A Pediatrician: Baby Bumps and Bruises

Ask A Pediatrician: Baby Bumps and Bruises

Q. I’m going to have a baby soon. When will I need to see a Pediatrician?

A. Congratulations! How exciting! Upon discharge from the hospital, the neonatologist will often have you bring the baby back to the clinic at the hospital to ensure that baby is doing well in all areas. I always recommend that at this time, you should call your Pediatrician and make an appointment for 2 weeks of age.

Q. My toddler fell and bumped her forehead on the wood floor. She cried hard, but is acting fine now. There is a golf ball size lump on her head. Should I bring her in?

A. Toddlers fall often, so this is a common question. Luckily, the skull is strong and the brain is surrounded by cerebral fluid, so injuries to the skull and brain are not common.

If the child cried initially but is playful after, that is a good sign that he/she will be fine. Watch for excessive sleepiness, nausea/vomiting, inconsolable crying or “acting out of it” for the next couple of hours. The bump can look awful but unless you feel a “step off” or indented bone, it will likely resolve without any intervention.

Always trust your instincts. If the fall was from a long distance (3 or more feet), if the impact was on a sharp edge or corner, or if the child is not acting right, it is better to come in and be seen. TrustCare Kids is here for this type of evaluation, even if it is just to reassure you that everything is fine.

 Dr. Catherine Phillippi is a pediatrician at TrustCare Kids in Gluckstadt, MS. Visit to learn more.

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