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Parent Points: Birthday Celebration Quarantine-Style

Creative Solutions from Our Readers 

Sarah Little 

We had doughnuts for breakfast to celebrate our Carolyn’s 4th birthday, followed by a car parade by sweet friends from school. We enjoyed a lovely picnic on our lawn and released the butterflies we watched grow from caterpillars. We rented a bounce house, just for our family and a few neighborhood friends to enjoy. It was properly sanitized before and after, and the kids thought it was the best celebration ever. Bonus: plenty of room to jump and no issues with pushing and overcrowded space. It was a very special day.

Kristi Waterloo Clark

We had a car parade for my son. We mailed cards to friends who had birthdays. We also had an outdoor movie night for a few friends who had birthdays. 

Laura Walker

My daughter and I made her cake together to spend some one-on-one time. Friends sent us messages and videos wishing her a happy birthday. 

Carla Ivonne

I think I felt guilty because my daughter was not going to be able to have a celebration with all her friends, like in the past. But my daughter was actually as happy as ever!… It was just us and a custom-made piñata.

Alessandra Thomas

For our 7-year-old we had an art party outside on the lawn for some neighborhood friends. A social distance painting session is a good option for a time like this.

Lisa Block Crepps

We had a drive-by cupcake and juice box pick-up. It was nice to see people and get a “happy birthday” in person!

Leanna Shay 

I asked family and friends to send cards to my daughter Emma in the mail. I collected them as they came in and put them back into our mailbox on my daughter’s birthday. She had about 20 cards total and was so excited. We also had a fun makeover session and she loved getting all pretty and glittery for her big day. 

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