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Boster Bio: A New Approach to High-Throughput Screening

Boster Bio: A New Approach to High-Throughput Screening

The study of tissues and cells are almost as old as man. Several efforts have continued to be made over the years to improve the study of tissues and cells, which has led to more efficient ways to perform analysis of tissues and cells of the immune system.

Boster Bio is an expert in the field of immune systems and antibody supplements manufacture. They deploy the best technology to carry out their research and analyse the data generated from the Immunohistochemistry (IHC) tests. They also perform or people perform and bring to them for processing of research assay to lab test developments.

Boster Bio what is it?

Boster Bio is an expert company in antibody manufacture with a pathology focus and ELISA assay analysis. Boster Bio offers IHC services that ensure fast turnaround time thanks to their high throughput screening of data and result confirmation.

Boster Bio offers multiplex IHC services to every category of research regardless of the scale of research. The IHC services offered by Boster Bio focuses on academic research and publishing. Boster Bio archives its multiplex  IHC services in record time and at a low cost compared to similar services elsewhere.

Boster Bio ensures expertise and cost-saving with its IHC service offering, having had its IHC results referenced in publishing over 5,000 articles on IHC results as obtained from Boster antibodies.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) What is it?

Immunohistochemistry is the special process of staining performed on cell tissues to detect antigens or haptens in such cells for binding target antibodies to such cells tissues.

Service Details at Boster Bio

Boster Bio optimises the antibodies required to find the dilution ratio which would be best for the working of the antibody. The required cells and tissues are stained on an automated system.

Boster Bio offers Multiplex Immunohistochemistry (IHC) services which enable the detection of multiple targets of cell tissues of assay analysis, which gives a high throughput during screening and fast time approach to the assay processing time using the automated system at Boster.

Boster Bio uses multiplex IHC services due to its advantages, some of which are:

  • Conservation of cell and tissue samples
  • Targeted distribution and validation of data
  • Several antibodies from the same cell and tissue samples

There are two major phases of service in the delivery of the IHC services offered by  Boster Bio. These phases are:

Phase 1: IHC Optimisation service for the antibody

This is the phase at which the best dilution ratio is found for a completely new antibody. The new antibody is an antibody that has not been validated through the IHC service before. The initial optimisation is carried out to determine the best epitope retrieval method and the primary antibody incubation concentrations.

The Multiplex IHC validation is done in this first stage, where well-characterised reference samples, such as cell lines and specific tissues, are used for the antibody assessment and screening procedures. The multiplex IHC validation procedure also uses well-analysed tissue arrays to test further for the sensitivity and specificity of the antibody and the IHC detection systems.  The IHC assays are validated for consistency and all-around quality in the study samples.

Phase 2: IHC Staining of Cells and Tissues

This is the phase where the desired cells and tissues are stained using the antigen retrieval method and Optimal concentration technique.  Validation of antibodies on samples is done automatically using the Leica bond system using the conditions set in phase 1. Boster Bio has ready-made samples which it uses invalidating for the specificity and sensitivity of assays,

Booster Bio makes use of a special FFPE cell pellets technique which it uses to make cell smear slides that are homogenous and highly unique. Booster Bio accepts smear slides from its customers. Some IHC Images as obtained from the Boster Bio High-Throughput Screening procedure as used in the validation processes.

Boster Bio Services

Some of the main services offered by Boster Bio include but are not limited to:

Custom Antibody Manufacture

Boster Bio offers several types of custom antibody production at the most affordable cost in the industry. The custom Antibody services offered by Boster Bio include:

  • All available custom antibody services
  • Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody service
  • Custom antibody special deals
  • Mouse monoclonal antibody
  • Rabbit monoclonal Antibody

CRO Assay Services

Boster Bio offers services on CRO research and assay development. Some of its CRO services include:

  • All available CRO Assay services
  • ELISA Testing Services
  • IHC and IF/ICC services
  • Antibody Validation services
  • Western Blot services

 Boster Bio Products and Their Category

Boster has other products besides its IHC services generally these products are:

Primary Antibodies

These antibodies are produced on request by customers sometimes. Boster has over 16,000 IHC,  ELISA etc., validated antibodies for humans, rabbits and mouse cells and tissues.

  • ELISA Kits
  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Secondary Antibodies and Detection Kits
  • Reagents and Kits


Boster Bio IHC services have improved the speed of IHC services through its multiplex IHC service throughput and screening time for cells and tissues to be validated.

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