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4 Activities to Keep Your Kid Entertained and Engaged for Remote Learning This Winter

4 Activities to Keep Your Kid Entertained and Engaged for Remote Learning This Winter

Remote and hybrid learning has been a part of our lives for, well, a long time now. Although things seem to be going well in the way to in-person education, in some regions schools opt for remote or hybrid learning still. This back-and-forth confuses parents and caregivers, let alone the kids.

The confusion can make kids overwhelmed. Luckily, many systems have been in place to make sure the “new” way of doing things works efficiently and effectively in terms of schooling. You can even enroll your kids in home schooling programs. However, in-person education is not only for children’s academic education. Attending school in person also allows children to develop social, communication, and physical skills as well as their entertainment. 

Here are some activities that will help keep your kid entertained and engaged while they are attending school at home or homeschool in San Jose.

Setting Up Virtual Play and Study Dates

The safety and well-being of our kids are the top priority. That is why virtual meetings have been a huge relief for both us and the kids. One thing parents and caregivers do to boost their kid’s engagement while remote learning is to arrange virtual play and study dates with their kid’s friends. These dates could follow a structured schedule or they can play freely depending on their workload. You can come up with mini-games to sprinkle in the breaks from doing homework, for instance. Kids can miss their friends and being at home all the time can be overwhelming, so virtual play and study dates can be a great alternative to increase socializing and engagement.

Virtual Field Trips

One of the most fun kids have at school is field trips. Unfortunately, many places are closed due to the pandemic, and we have to social distance. Luckily, though, many museums and historical sites offer virtual tours to provide service to digitally view their gallery or sites. Students can tour these places and gain cultural knowledge together with their peers.

Off-Screen Time is Important

Of course, with everything being virtual nowadays, sometimes it may be difficult to peel the kids off the screens. However, quality time spent off screens is important, too. The best way to manage this is to organize family events to play board games or read books. You can even start your own book club inside your family and read books on topics your kid is interested in. These can be fun literacy activities to promote learning as well.

Get Your Body Moving

Physical activity is crucial for the healthy development of kids. Usually, children move around and work their bodies at school without knowing they are doing it; they run around during recess or play games outdoors. Unfortunately, with winter on the way and social distancing, kids move less frequently. One thing to increase productivity and health is to engage your kid in activities that involve moving. Play is such an amazing and essential tool in children’s development, so playing games that involve running or jumping around is the way to go. You can create an obstacle course in your living room and let your kid run wild!

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