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Tips for Last Minute Hotel Booking

Tips for Last Minute Hotel Booking

If you are traveling and need to book a hotel last minute, these tips will help.

  1. Look into package deals

You can look into hotel packages that favor you. If you want some quick sun and sand, you can get a last-minute holiday in Europe. If you are looking for flexibility and better protection when canceling or changing your booking, you can combine the flights and accommodation.

You should also look into inclusive holidays, which can save you both your money and time because they provide everything in one package. You can get flights, a hotel, and your meals plus drinks. Having packages with meals is a money-saver, especially if you are a family of four. If swapping restaurant dinners for hotel food is not a big deal, an inclusive package holiday deal is the best choice. Take a look at My Hotel Break’s staycation deals.

  1. Secret hotels

If you do not mind taking a gamble with your accommodation plans, a secret hotel could be the route that will save you lots of money on your holiday. Some hotels with five-star ratings prefer to let a room go for part of the price rather than leave the room empty. They list the rooms on secret hotel sites that you can check. If you are lucky, you may get a great hotel for a huge discount, and the hotel gets to have a guest instead of an empty room. It is a win-win situation.

Secret hotel sites such as Priceline, Hotwire, and are great options. Go on the site and enter the area you want and the star level. You will get various hotels to choose from, and you can save some money on your trip. However, such sites have strict cancellation policies and booking conditions, which is why is it advisable to be ready to commit before booking.

  1. Hostels

If the word hostel makes you recoil, then you probably have not stayed in one recently. It is common to get horror stories associated with staying at a hostel when traveling, but some options are decent and save you lots of money. You can get a hostel through third-party booking sites. 

Staying in a hostel does not automatically mean that you have to share a room with ten strangers. You can opt for a private room with a bathroom then socialize with the other travelers in the common rooms. You may run into some people with helpful sightseeing tips for your trip.

  1. Aparthotel

If you are traveling in a big group and need a cheap last-minute hotel for your holiday, it is best to choose group accommodation instead of booking different rooms. It will save you lots of money. You get to split the cost of accommodation and have a kitchen area if you prefer to cook your food instead of eating out. It is an idea that will also save you the hefty cost of eating out.

  1. Rebook your hotel if there’s free cancellation

If you book a hotel that offers cancellation without a fee, you can save some money by canceling and rebooking once the price drops.


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