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Parents Points: 25 Ways Your Family Can Serve Others

Parents Points: 25 Ways Your Family Can Serve Others

• Bake cookies and deliver them to welcome a new neighbor.

• Draw pictures or write notes and mail them to those who are sick.

• Host a hot chocolate and cookies party in your front yard. Invite your neighbors over to enjoy your hospitality. Parents, be sure to involve your kids in the inviting, baking, and preparing processes.

• Work together in a community garden.

• Mow the lawn for a sick or elderly neighbor.

• Bring extra blankets to pass out for others to use on cold nights at your school’s sporting events.

• Take gifts of appreciation to the teachers at your school at times besides the designated Teacher Appreciation Week.

• Do a household chore for another family member.

• Make and deliver a meal to a family with a newborn baby.

• Buy carnations and hand them out to residents at an assisted living home. Take time to talk and listen to them. Ask them to tell you about themselves and their families.

• Serve at a soup kitchen–especially at a time besides Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is when they tend to have the most help. 

• Participate in Operation Christmas Child or Prison Fellowship Angel Tree. Parents, give your children opportunities to earn money that they can then spend on gifts for disadvantaged children.

• Coordinate a canned food drive in your neighborhood and deliver the food to a local food bank.

• Leave a generous tip and a thank-you note for your server at a restaurant. Parents, be sure your kids write, decorate, and/or sign their names to the note, too.

• Create a family prayer calendar. Write at least one person’s name on each day and remember to pray for that person. Include names of family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, leaders in the community, and even people you don’t know.

• Hold a children’s book drive in your neighborhood and donate the books to an after school program in an underserved community.

• Gather clothes and shoes that are in good condition and donate them to a local shelter. 

• Sponsor a child through an organization such as World Vision or Compassion International.

• Hold a pet food drive in your neighborhood and deliver the bounty to a local pet shelter.

• Write an encouraging note for someone in your family and leave it in a surprise place for them to find it.

• Purchase and donate school supplies and uniforms to a school in a low-income area of your city.

• Invite someone who doesn’t live near their family to join your family for a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast.

• Hold a toy drive in your neighborhood and then deliver the toys to a children’s hospital. Ask if you and your children can personally deliver some of the toys to the patients.

• Parents, give your kids opportunities to earn money that they can give toward purchasing chickens, ducks, goats, etc. through organizations such as World Vision or Compassion International. These animals provide both nutrition and extra income for families in third world countries.

• Put a jar on the kitchen counter and have the family collect change for an agreed-upon mission. This can be an ongoing project, and the missions can vary from month to month. Label the jar “Change Is Good.”

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