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Moving to Mississippi? Y’all Come!

Moving to Mississippi? Y’all Come!

It doesn’t take long to feel at home in Mississippi. The pace of life, laid-back culture, beautiful landscapes, affordable cost of living, and, of course, Southern hospitality create an atmosphere that welcomes you in and beckons you to sit and stay a while. And before you know it, you’ve grown roots here — roots that run deep and strong. 

But let’s let these Mississippians tell you themselves what they love about our state… 

“The people are friendly, and the food is amazing!” – Sydney Huddleston

“I have lived in Mississippi my whole life. I love the diversity. I like raising my kids in an environment that has different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I feel it prepares them better for when they get out in the world on their own.” – Trey Butts

“I love that the whole state feels like one small town. So friendly and inviting.” – Stewart Moody

“Our family has enjoyed all the outdoor activities available in our state and local parks. From the beach at the National Seashore on Ship Island to the rock climbing in Tishomingo State Park, there is always a way to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Thankfully, there are plenty of lakes and streams to cool off, too. We enjoy Ridgeland’s abundant walking and biking trails, especially the Natchez Trace Multi-purpose Trail. The beautiful local parks and their playgrounds also provided entertainment for our family on many days when our children were young.” – Janet Shearer

“Manners and unfailing courtesy; music bringing together different groups of people; storytelling and traditions; and Southern food.” – Bridgid Berry

“The people, the food, the beaches, and the Delta Blues.” – Richard Garziano

“Our fair city, Ridgeland, offers so many amenities, festivals, events, and natural outlets, and we feel fortunate that we landed here when we moved here 21 years ago. Now Mississippi is the place we have lived the longest, and it feels like home. One of my favorite things is the Ridgeland Wildflower Field, where the arts and nature intersect and everyone is welcome.” – Jan Richardson

“I need the relaxed pace of home [in Mississippi] and the soothing void of scheduled events. I need a fire and easy conversation on a back patio.” – Eric Lanford

“I moved to Austin, TX after college and moved back [to Mississippi] after a year. It was the best decision I have ever made. I’m lucky to be teaching at the school that brought me so much joy. Growing up, I loved going to the parades in Biloxi with my grandparents. I can remember my grandpa pulling my brother and me in the red wagon down Holley St. to the parade of the day. As an adult, I enjoy attending the Krewe of Neptune Coronation Ball and their family-friendly parade.” – Alex Gibert 

“I love the trees, the green grass, and the smell of nature, especially after being in a city.” – Stefanie McClain Fairly

“My husband is from Texas and in the Navy. We aren’t raising our children in Mississippi, but when we go to my family home in Eudora, we all have roots. My kids identify with our history. They feel belonging. Generations of living in that community resonates with them. [My husband] and I are beginning to dream of our ‘forever home’ post-Navy. Mississippi just seems the obvious choice.” – Robin McMurry

“One thing that is great about living in Mississippi is that no matter where you go in this state, you can make a connection with someone, whether you know some of the same people, went to the same school, or maybe you are distantly related. Another great thing about living here is there is always a good cook making great food wherever you are.” – Nanci Sanders

“The people! THE best anywhere!!” – Ladye Alice Proctor

If you’ve recently moved to Mississippi, WELCOME! If you’re considering moving to Mississippi in the future, we look forward to meeting you! And if you’ve lived in Mississippi for years, well, y’all are already family. So pass the sweet tea, please.

Carrie Bevell Partridge and her husband Kevin live with their five kids in Ridgeland, MS. Read more from Carrie at, where she writes words of encouragement and support for marriage and family. Carrie is also in the process of writing a book on practical ways to seize teachable moments with your kids.

Moving to Mississippi? What to Know:

• Nothing smells sweeter than a Mississippi Magnolia tree.

• Hearing “Yes, ma’am” or “Yes, sir” doesn’t mean you’re old; it means you’re respected.

• Stories are best told–and heard–from a rocking chair on the front porch.

• Our seasons have more to do with sports and hunting than actual weather.

• The best watermelons and tomatoes are bought on the side of the road out of the backs of our farmers’ pickup trucks.

• Humidity is real, and all hair products are not created equal.

• The fried catfish will make you want to slap your mama, which is a compliment.

• The tone in which “Bless your heart” is said makes a difference.

• It’s y’all, not ya’ll. And all y’all includes more people.

• Much wisdom can be gained by shelling peas with your grandmother.

• A drive down the Natchez Trace can help clear your head and give you perspective.

• We are not in a hurry, and we don’t want you to be, either.

• Sweet tea pairs well with anything.

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