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May 2020

Letters from our Editors

As you can imagine Parents & Kids has been tremendously affected by COVID-19. You won’t see print issues, and, of course, they will not be distributed at schools for a while. We hope that in the future we can continue serving our community the way we did before. Meanwhile, we are working hard to keep you updated about all the happenings in Mississippi through our website. We even created a special resource, PK Cares, to share COVID-19-related news and updates: We’re also doing livestreams and giveaways on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!

We are praying for Mississippi, for the families, for the elderly, for the high-risk individuals, for the healthcare workers and first responders, for our government. The Lord is faithful, and we know we will get through this together.

We hope you enjoy this digital issue. It was a team effort and we had fun putting it together for you.

 Yours always,


These are unprecedented times, and here at Parents & Kids, we’re ready to step up to the challenges. Across the country, families and businesses are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic as best they can. We’re rolling with the punches, trying our best to bring you, the families of Mississippi, the best, up-to-date information during these difficult and unusual times.

We hope you’ll join us in our continued commitment to the families and communities that make life comfortable and safe. Your support — as either a reader or an advertiser — has never been more vital to our mission of helping parents become better at the most important job ever.

We’re hoping the very best for you and your children!



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About The Author

Sonny Sweatt

Born and raised in Columbia, Mississippi, Sonny has since called many places home. Living in Asia for almost a decade showed him that there was no place like home. The current iteration of that home is Jackson, MS, with his wife, son and daughter. He's ecstatic that he gets to work at Parents & Kids where he passes the days coming up with more crazy ideas to support Mississippi families and businesses through media.

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