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Gretchen Cook


Gretchen Cook fell in love with Mississippi in 1986.  “It took me till 1989 to get a job here, but I was determined to leave my native Florida and move here.  Oddly enough, my colleagues at Florida State University gave me condolences on the move!  I was quite insulted.  But I realize what outsiders don’t see: Mississippians are the warmest, nicest, most generous people on the planet.  I knew I had to live in this State to be happy.”
Gretchen enjoys the outdoors, gardening, travel, reading, and spending her time with her husband, Bill and their three dogs and one cat. “I also have a goldfish pond,” adds Gretchen.
After a 20 year career in librarianship, she branched out into freelance writing, which led to publishing. Her favorite thing about PK Media?  “We have the chance with Parents & Kids Magazine, our events like Fitness Fest, and our college access publications, to make a real difference in families’ lives. When a parent comes to me and says, “The information you provided changed my child’s life,” I know we are achieving our mission of strengthening Mississippi families.
“Mississippi is a very special place.  If we can work to make it stronger, then I feel my time and energy are well spent.”

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