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Cool Kids: Clinton 6th-grader Nationally Recognized

Lovett Elementary School student Eliana Vaughn was featured in TIME for Kids magazine, a national publication distributed to schools throughout the country.  

She wrote a letter to the magazine, sharing a creative idea of how robots could be incorporated in the learning process at school.  

Her parents, her school and the whole community are very proud of Eliana. The news of her letter being published in TIME for Kids was posted on the school’s Facebook page and included in school district announcements. Parents & Kids also wanted to recognize this exceptional young lady, and ask her a few questions.  


P&K: When and how did you become interested in robotics? 
E: In 5th grade I started going to Robotics Club. We had to build and control a robot.  

P&K: Do you have your own robot? 
E: I don’t have my own robot. In 5th grade computer science class we used robots named Dot and Dash.  

P&K: What motivated you to write that letter to TIME for Kids?
E: I was in my room, reading TIME for Kids magazine. I saw the section where kids shared their opinions. Then I read the question and saw an email address provided for those who wanted to respond. I got on my phone and emailed my idea to them. 

P&K: What was your idea? 
E: I wrote about how robots could be teacher assistants, or be partners with someone if there was an odd number of students in the class. If the robot broke, kids could learn engineering and figure out how to fix it. 

P&K: What career are you hoping to pursue? 
E: I think I’d like to be a teacher.  

Congratulations to Eliana on her accomplishment and good luck with her future ideas in creative thinking and improving the quality of learning – qualities essential to being an excellent teacher.  


If you’re under 12 and would like to be featured as our Cool Kid, fill out this online form. Perhaps you or someone you know is our next Cool Kid! Good luck! 

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