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Spring Break Vacation Staycation

Spring Break Vacation Staycation
By: Rhonda Pate

When people think about spring break, they usually think of fun in the sun, beaches, mountains, or just getting away. For many families, especially those with small children, traveling for spring break is not an option. Financially, lots of people are still recovering from the holidays. That means a trip is just not in the budget. Some families may shy away from traveling in March to avoid coming into contact with the stereotypical spring break college students. No matter the reason, if you are among the many that won’t be traveling this spring break, here are some things you can do to make the most of your staycation.


With so much electronic technology out there these days, a good old fashioned book can sometimes be looked over as a form of entertainment. While the school aged kids will probably not want to do anything that remotely resembles school work, maybe with some convincing, they will indulge in some reading for fun. Another great idea for families with children in various age groups is to let the older children read books such as the Little Golden Books to the younger ones.


Spring break is a good time to get into the craft drawers. Lots of times, leftover stickers, foam cut-outs, glitter, glue, cotton pom-poms, etc. all get lumped together somewhere. Whatever that spot is for your family, pull everything out, and think of something to make using those stored away treasures. Whatever the kids come up with can be used as a refrigerator decoration or a gift for a grandparent or a favorite neighbor.

Board Games

Remember family game night? Tammie Stevens, of New Albany, says her favorite game to play with children is Monopoly. Games like Monopoly are fun, and they provide learning opportunities. For those competitive families, a day of board game fun might be just the ticket for you. Play a round of each child’s favorite board game. To add a creative twist, award prizes to the winners of each round. Prize ideas might be a special dessert, first choice of what to do the next day, or even a high five from Mom or Dad.

Work on a Volunteer Project

One unique idea that combines cleaning and making a difference is gathering supplies for a volunteer project. Stacy Price, of Northeast Mississippi, said one of the things her family always does as a spring cleaning project is cleaning out and creating care packets. “You don’t realize how much you accumulate over the year.” Extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel sized toiletries, samples from the mail, extras acquired from couponing, and more can be put in goodie bags and taken to a local charity that works with less fortunate or homeless people. One place in Tupelo is the Salvation Army. As Stacy puts it, “Not only are you helping someone in need, but the kids are cleaning house and don’t even realize it!”

Movie Marathon

If screen time is not an issue for your family, pick out some movies, and have a daylong movie marathon. It can be themed Day of Disney or Animal Love, or just choose random favorites. Get some popcorn, gather yummy snacks, pour some fizzy drinks, and turn your living room into a movie theater. This is exciting entertainment for the little ones, and a way for Mom or Dad to get some relaxation time in.

Physical Activity

If your family is used to more physical activities you have plenty of options, too. If the weather is nice, get outside. Take a walk, hike a nature trail, play ball, or jump on the trampoline. If it’s still a little too cool to get outside, put some music on and have an indoor dance party!

Staying home during spring break can be lots of fun! All ages can find entertaining things to do in and around home. The important thing about spending time with your family is making quality memories, no matter if those memories are made on a glorious vacation, on the back patio listening to the birds sing, or in the family room on a rainy spring afternoon.

Rhonda Pate, husband Jeremy, and 14-year old daughter Rain, make their home in Saltillo, MS. This Spring Break they will be having a staycation.


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