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Parent Points: Education for Future Teachers

Parent Points: Education for Future Teachers

Applications are now open for new candidates to the Mississippi Department of Education’s Mississippi Teacher Residency (MTR) program, where up to 200 aspiring educators can receive a graduate degree in elementary and secondary education and professional mentorship at no cost. The priority deadline to submit applications is Feb. 15, 2023. 

Jonnie Silva is a wife and mother of three, who is nearing the end of her first semester teaching kindergarten in the Starkville-Oktibbeha School District. She decided to pursue the MTR program for the work-life balance it provides to her and her family and to make a difference in children’s lives. She said, “I want them to know they can do anything that they put their minds to. I love being the person to make them smile each day. I leave work with a full heart and wake up the next day excited to do it all again.”

Kenya Hopson, who is anticipated to graduate in May 2023 and teach in the Kemper County School District, says she sought the MTR program because it would allow her to become a teacher of record, while being mentored. Hopson said, “I’m able to use the information I’m learning in real time. My conviction to become a teacher has grown, which has a large part to do with my mentor always being there and not giving up on me… Being teachers, we are influencers, nourishers, developers, impacting the world on different levels.” For more information on the MTR program, visit

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