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P&K How To: Picking a Real Estate Agent

Having a successful and low-stress experience in the real estate market often hinges on the real estate agent involved.  Picking just the right person to help sell your house or help find one to buy is Top Of The List important.  Real estate involves serious money, so be serious about who helps you.

Talk the Talk You need to be able to easily communicate with your agent.  This person is going to be all up in your life for hopefully a short while, and you need to be comfortable with him or her.  You must be able to talk to them about what you need, what you expect, and what you don’t understand.  Someone may be perfectly lovely, but if you aren’t comfortable with them, then they won’t do well guiding you through the selling and buying process.

Show What You Know Market knowledge is crucial here.  Your agent needs to be in touch with the local market in general but also with your individual neighborhood and needs.  Ask questions about their experience with your type of property.  The right agent for you is one who is very comfortable with your situation and can offer sound advice because of that experience.  Don’t discount someone who has been an agent for only a short time, because their experience may be deeper than you think.

CommitmentIssues It’s important to feel that your agent has your best interests at heart; that he or she is willing to give you as much of their time as you need to get through all of the ins and outs of the market.  Some of us need a lot of attention and some don’t.  Your agent should be able to accommodate your personal needs.  How committed are they to you?  Ask about how they intend to market your house, communicate with you after each showing, and help you through the closing process.

Asking for referrals from trusted friends is a great way to start finding an agent.  Using your own friend (or a family member) as your agent can be a benefit, but only if you can have truly open communication with them.  (And you know that the stress of the process won’t negatively affect your relationship.)  Ultimately, picking a real estate agent is a financial decision, so protect your family’s resources accordingly!

Leah O’Gwynn Kackley lives and works in the Rez/Fannin area and hopes to not need a Realtor for a long time, but has worked with some fantastic ones in the past!

About The Author

Leah O'Gwynn Kackley

Leah O'Gwynn Kackley grew up in the Reservoir/Brandon and Jackson area. She holds a Mathematics degree from Mississippi University for Women where she was also a soloist with the dance department. Now, she lives with her husband, Jason, in the Rez/Fannin area and homeschools their busy kids. In her rare free time, she is also a photographer and owns Sanomo Photo, named for Sarah, Noah, and Molly - her favorite students ever. They all attend Grace Primitive Baptist Church.

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