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“Yahoo!” for the Yazoo County Fair! 

“Yahoo!” for the Yazoo County Fair! 

Time to dust off happy thoughts of fall and pencil this year’s Yazoo County Fair onto your calendar! This is the second-oldest continuous running county fair in Mississippi. Since 1928 the Yazoo County Fair has been delighting visitors with lots of fun in the form of rides, food, local art, canning exhibits and more.

This year’s fair is set for October 13 through 21, the perfect time to enjoy fall weather from atop a ferris wheel. Watch out for those new rides, though (check ‘em out on Facebook), because when you get off, you might not know which way is up!  If you like corn dogs, cotton candy and candied apples, you’re in luck; you’ll find those as well.   

Martin McGraw is chairman of the Yazoo County Fair Board, and he comes from a long line of family and friends who have kept this family-friendly fair going strong through the generations.  McGraw’s solid love for the fair is obvious.   

“My favorite thing is seeing the joy on the faces of the people coming to the fair,” he said. “And even though I’m 49 and I’ve been out there all my life, I still enjoy the rides, especially the new ones.”   

The fair offers rides, food and games by Miller’s Spectacular Shows, and you’ll find activities for all ages. There are all the old-fashioned, fun games like the ring toss and seeing if you can shoot a BB through a star. There are also exhibits of arts and crafts, from quilting to canning.  
The MSU extension office helps coordinate things and provides judges for the canning competition. According to McGraw, canning was a lost art but now, “it’s coming back.”
“People now want to know where their food comes from,” he explained. “The fair is also helping important arts survive. We had a couple of generations who lost the ability to can food or make a quilt, but now they are coming back. The fair is a great showcase for that.”   

Mamie Allen is a resident of Yazoo City, and she has been to the fair a number of times. What does she like about the fair? Just about everything!  
“I enjoy the crafts, the food, the rides,” she said. “I just enjoy all thethings the fair is about.”   

McGraw puts a bow on the idea of attending the fair by saying, “If you love a fair where you and your family can feel SAFE and save money, this is it. If you’ve never checked us out, come see us. We are a small time fair with a big-time atmosphere.”    

Free parking is available and admission includes unlimited rides on every single ride. Costs: Monday through Thursday, 6 to 10 p.m., $10; Friday and Saturday, 6 to 11 p.m., $12; Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., $8. Children less than 32” tall get in free. For more information, contact (662) 746-4665, send email to, or visit the fair on Facebook. 

Elizabeth Phelps was raised on the Gulf Coast. She is a writer, speaker, teacher and youth program facilitator. She has won awards for writing and inspirational youth programming using the arts.

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