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PK Library: Fall Favorites

Snowmen at Halloween 

By Caralyn Buehner, pictures by Mark Buehner 

An utterly delightful story about mischievous snowmen having some Halloween fun. The illustrations have so many wonderful details you’ll be looking at each page for hours. There are also spooky and hilarious hidden pictures on every page. See if you can find them!

You are the Light: Little Pumpkin

By Lisa Edwards and Kat Kalindi

This is a sweet poem for the youngest readers, 1-3 years old. The calming rhythm of this book makes it a lovely bedtime read. The soothing night setting and darker colors of the illustrations help create the mood and put that baby right to sleep.

Peter Rabbit: Trick or Treat 

By Beatrix Potter

Peter Rabbit is a good big brother, helping his baby sisters make their Halloween costumes out of vines and berries they find in the woods. But will he have enough time to make his own costume? This is a sweet story, featuring exquisite illustrations of some of our favorite characters. A must-have for the season.

Spot’s Pumpkin Surprise

By Eric Hill  

A book about pumpkins, shaped as a pumpkin! What can be better for little hands to play with as we enjoy the season of pumpkins? The story is simple, but it takes the reader through the whole process of growing a pumpkin and making it into a pie. It’s both educational, and fun!

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