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The Family Forum: Forever Young

The Family Forum: Forever Young

Many summers ago, we bought the kids a Slip-N-Slide for some fun in the sun. My husband and I were talking about how much fun we had using one when we were kids when my son asked: “Why don’t you slide now?”

We looked at each other … why not?

We both had our turn, and came out with scratches and bruises. Oh, to hear the stories now about the day mom slid down the Slip-N-Slide and tumbled and turned and wound up in the yard. I had so much grass and mud on my body, I looked like the swamp thing. The kids think it’s so funny to tell that story now.

It’s great to hear them recall fun memories of our times together, even if I wasn’t “acting my age.” But isn’t that part of the fun of living? Who wants to act their age?

A friend of mine recently commented that she was home sick, along with two sick kids. She laid on the couch with them to watch “Tom & Jerry” cartoons. An hour passed by and she realized she was on the couch watching cartoons by herself … and she was okay with that.

Another summer, when I was teaching at a summer camp, we organized a kickball game. I was the queen of kickball back in the day, and was sure to show those young whippersnappers just how to play. The “pitcher” rolled the ball to me. I was standing there like a cat, getting ready to pounce on a bug (rear end wiggling, eyes bulging) and as I started to kick it, I barely hit the top of the ball with my shoe. I did a not-so-graceful fall to the ground. I think I screamed, too.

After a few seconds spent checking over my body for broken bones, I got my sore legs (and other parts) moving towards first base. Of course, I got thrown out at first. Okay, I admit it: I’m no longer the kickball queen, but I sure as heck had a great time playing with the kids, and we all had a great laugh. They got to witness that although adults might be slower, we still enjoy playing.

After the game, to cool off, we enjoyed the fun of water balloons. Nothing brings out the kid in me like a vicious game of water balloons and a snow cone!

Adults need some playtime, too. It’s not easy “adulting” all the time. Kick your shoes off. Walk in rain puddles. Make some splashes and get wet. Go fly a kite, or play some kickball. You will get exercise, which will make your body feel better. Your soul will feel better, too.

Yes, we have responsibilities such as paying bills, cooking meals, going to work and mowing the grass, but we also have the responsibility of showing kids that growing up doesn’t mean life has to get boring. We are still those fun-loving little kids we used to be, just in a grown-up body!

Maybe the next time you turn on the television, instead of turning it over to the news channel, grab your little one and find out what Scooby Doo and the gang are up to these days. I bet they are still meddling in someone’s business.


By Melissa Carrigee

About The Author

Melissa Carrigee

Melissa Carrigee is the author of “I Dream of Dragons” and the proud mother of an Air Force Airman and a totally awesome eighth-grader. Between baking cookies and writing her next book, she walks her bulldog and listens to ‘80s music.

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