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Pick A Place: Remembering Life

Tucked away behind Beth Israel Temple on Old Canton Road is a beautiful, meditative garden of glass art designed specifically to honor the memory of the millions of Jewish people murdered during the Holocaust. Dedicated just last year, this contemplative spot at once delights your eye because of the beautiful pieces of art on display and stirs up both sorrow and resolve in your heart due to the enormity of the memorial’s message. The spiral walkway even contains steel tracks with stained concrete cross ties symbolizing the railroad tracks that carried so many fellow human beings to their final destination. And the serial number tattoo of the late Gilbert Metz, a concentration camp survivor who came to Mississippi as a young teenager, is skillfully interwoven through the glass panels. This powerful memorial doesn’t take long to see, but its beauty and message will stick with you.


Fast Facts: 

What: Gus Waterman Herrman Holocaust Memorial Garden

When: It’s an open air memorial that can be visited at any time.

Where: Beth Israel Temple, 5315 Old Canton Road, Jackson, Mississippi 39211

How Much: Free to the public

Leah Kackley is a mom of three from the Rez/Fannin area. Special thanks to Crystal Skelton for bringing this Memorial to my attention! If you have a family-friendly, budget-friendly event coming up, email her at and she might be able to include it in Pick A Place.



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