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Reward Ideas to Uplift and Encourage Your Kids to Do Better in Life

Reward Ideas to Uplift and Encourage Your Kids to Do Better in Life

Kids are curious beings who like to try many new things as they grow up. Parents teach their children to behave well, learn good things, and not be bad people ever in life. However, many factors such as peer pressure, lack of proper communication, etc., lead children to move on the wrong path. Therefore, it is important to reward your kids to inspire and motivate them to stay in the right direction. You can start this practice right from when they are little and follow it until they cross their teens. This post mentions some unique rewards ideas for your kids.

Why should you reward the kids?

Awarding the kids with little things now and then helps them stay motivated towards their goals. It is one of the best methods to reinforce positive behavior in children. Always remember that the reward should hold some value for kids.

Tangible gifts

Generally, we follow the praise routine to reward the kids. Praise is undoubtedly the best way to reward a child for good deeds. However, you can also think of some tangible items, such as some games they have wanted for a long time. Many people also gift custom-made diploma holders and certificates to reward their children. You can hang the diploma holder in the child’s room to inspire and motivate them to keep doing good. You can use their favorite cartoon characters and theme to customize the diploma design. These can be used when they pass their grade and move to the next one or when you see them fighting their fears to be a better version of themselves.

Plan a family day out

A family day out is never a bad idea regardless of the child’s age. You can ask your kids to decide the next family day-out activity and destination. It will make them believe that they matter and can be responsible beings.

Extra electronics time

Digital gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are taking over the outdoor playing time for children. It is crucial to check on the screen time of your children. However, you can also use it as a reward for them. You can pick certain behaviors to address, such as using gentle words, doing a kind deed daily, or following the rules before and after school. If the child follows those, they may earn 10-15 minutes of screen time daily. There are countless ways to work out the reward system for your children.


It is popular among parents who have kids aged 8-12 years. They give their kids coupons whenever they do something good or follow the rules. It is a nice way to keep the children on track and do things that will help them through life. The coupons can have messages such as ‘choose the favorite meal for dinner, ‘ice cream on the weekend,’ etc. You can brainstorm the coupon codes with your children and specify the behaviors you want to encourage.

We hope the above reward ideas help you prepare a chart for your kids. You can keep a joint reward chart for your family or let your kids have their reward charts as it suits your family dynamics.

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