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How Parents Can Raise Future Church Leaders

How Parents Can Raise Future Church Leaders

Successful parenting is not about raising children who can earn big and become billionaires. Many parents would rather raise spiritually-inclined, morally-strong kids who can become great church leaders. But it is more challenging to cultivate love and faith in a young mind. You need to nurture strong values in your child to ensure they do not give in to the whims of the world.  A leader influences others with love, service, and generosity, so your child must have these traits. Here are a few ways parents can do their bit to raise future church leaders.

Give them a chance to fail

Leaders take failure in a stride and do not feel ashamed about going wrong. So give your kid a chance to fail and embrace their failure so that they can learn valuable lessons. If your children do not fail occasionally, they are probably not attempting to try new things. Failure indicates the strength of a person who takes risks and develops perseverance in the long run. Let your child start young and become good at trying again and not giving up.

Let them be disappointed

Besides embracing failure, your child needs to learn to live with disappointment because it is an integral part of human existence. Start with small lessons such as saying no to a toy their friends have, not permitting them to join their gang for an afternoon movie, or not being available to take them for an outing. Your kid must learn to handle minor letdowns to face bigger disappointments with maturity down the line.

Invest in education

Although there isn’t a formal way to teach leadership to young children, you can start early education at home. Read the Bible, narrate religious stories, and discuss moral lessons. Sending your kid to a Christian school is a good way to inculcate the love and awareness of religion from the early days. You can inspire them to enroll in church leadership training once they grow up and explore church leadership as their goal. Remember that faith-based education is an ongoing process, so it should start early and continue for a lifetime.

Model integrity

Raising great church leaders is also about modeling integrity because your actions set an example for your child. Show them the path of moral uprightness by displaying strong principles and values through your actions right from a young age. Future church leaders require daily teaching of the Truth so that they can easily ditch the vices and develop a morally strong character.

Praise their effort

Ensuring that your child has a solid sense of self-esteem is another way to prepare them for church leadership in the long run. Praise their effort meaningfully as it can motivate them to continue the good work. But shower your praises wisely for the right actions, such as helping an elderly neighbor carry their shopping bags or volunteering for a cleaning drive in the neighborhood. The best leaders are motivated by genuine care for others, so appreciate them every time they do something good.

Teach your child the real meaning of being a leader because it is more than bossing around at school or in the neighborhood. Nurture love and positivity so that the leader can make a difference.

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