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Impact of Pests on Your Health and Property

Impact of Pests on Your Health and Property

Do pests cause any real damage beyond creeping and flying about? Do you really have to stress yourself about killing those tiny unsightly creatures? Or do they in any way impact your health and home?

These and many other questions are what people ask. Truth be told, the presence of pests impact our health physically and mentally. Many people do not know this fact, and some do not know to what extent. And that’s why they let those tiny creatures roam their homes unchecked.

Perhaps, by the end of this article, you might feel a nagging need to do pest control immediately.

Here are some ways pests affect your health and your property.

Pests spread diseases

You might have guessed, or maybe you weren’t too sure. Or perhaps you always thought your immune system was strong enough to fight off whatever pathogens pests throw at you. Well, when was the last time you or a family member fell sick of malaria, dysentery, cholera, or tuberculosis? While you may think those illnesses emerged out of the blue, they could have occurred due to pests in your home.

Although mosquitoes aren’t rampant in temperate regions, they are common in tropical regions, and infected ones can transmit the malaria parasite. Treatment May cost you a whole lot of money. But that’s not all. Houseflies are particularly notorious and can transmit at least 65 diseases, including cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Imagine a house fly perching on your food after visiting the toilet.

Mice also dribble urine wherever they go, such as on your dishes. They contaminate literally everything in their wake, and you may fall ill — howbeit benign — when you ingest contaminated food. Rodents are known to transmit up to 35 diseases.

Most people don’t know that pests may have been contributing to their frequent illnesses. Perhaps, in their absence, you may not fall ill as often as you currently do.

Pests cause allergy

Many people have allergies, and simply being near a pest can trigger an allergic reaction. However, most allergic reactions to pests are triggered when the person is stung or bitten by the pest. Do pests bite? Of course, bed bugs and lice do.

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases but bite you to feed on your blood. Even though you’re not allergic to them, your child could be, and their discomfort will always threaten your peace of mind.

In addition, a bite may cause a rash. When you scratch, the open wound may become infected. It’s therefore wise to implement complete pest control solutions regardless of the pests in your home, whether they transmit diseases or not.

Pests can trigger pre-existing health conditions

Pests can trigger symptoms of some health conditions. For example, cockroaches can be a nightmare to people living with asthma.

Notably, cockroaches breed at such an alarming rate that once a few enter your home, it may take only a week before you have a full-blown infestation. And unfortunately, they quickly shed their skin and leave droppings, contaminating dishes and countertops in their wake. Also, their droppings and skin get airborne and may be inhaled by an asthmatic patient. That’s when things escalate.

Cockroaches can cause asthma in kids after prolonged exposure, especially if the family has a history of the condition.

Pests can cause stress and insomnia

The impact of pests transcends the physical into mental health. While this may sound unusual, it is not so. In short, it occurs through many pathways.

The simplest pathway is that pest disturbance can disrupt sleep when they bite you, fly around, or scamper about your room. Poor quality sleep is detrimental to mental health. This is aside from the stress you experience thinking about how to deal with a pest infestation. But it doesn’t end there.

Statistics show that people suffer insomnia and anxiety following a bed bug infestation long after the pests have been dealt with. Furthermore, people with a phobia of rodents, spiders, and cockroaches may develop post-traumatic stress disorder when they discover such creatures invading their homes.

They can damage your property

The impact of pests touches on our health and property. While ants and termites pose no threat to health, they can cause significant damage to wooden structures. They can eat into the timber of your roof, window, and doors, rendering the component weak and needing replacement. That’s valuable money going down the drain when there’s a full-blown infestation.

This article highlights the problems pests cause in the home that often go unnoticed. As they say, you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you discover it. Are you currently ignoring that pest infestation in your home? You may relish the peace, fullness of health, and comfort that will follow after executing a pest control.

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