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Why I Chose to Send Out Save the Dates for My Daughter’s Wedding

Why I Chose to Send Out Save the Dates for My Daughter’s Wedding

The best day of my life was when my daughter was born. The day I held her, I decided to do everything for my daughter’s happiness. Since then, I have worked towards making every life event of my daughter to be unforgettable and exceptional. I have kept notes of every small detail because my daughter is important to me. And her happiness is my priority.

You might wonder what is so different I did for my daughter that no other parents would have done. To be honest, I am not sure if I have done something exceptional, but I have chosen to make everything related to my daughter special. This is why I have depended on special cards right from her birth invitation to her graduation. Today when my daughter is getting married, I have chosen to make it as special as possible. For this, I take care of every minute detail and try to make it the best. Even for the wedding invites, I chose the best save the dates wedding cards which the couple liked. And I invested my time and effort in suggesting the best save-the-date cards that made them happier.

This was just a small detail I shared with you about choosing to send out save the date cards to the guests for my daughter’s wedding. There were many things that I found intriguing about choosing to save the dates for the guests. Let me share with you my experience while choosing save the date cards.

Why should you choose save the date cards?

In this era, everything is becoming digitized. From save the date wedding invitations to the ceremony, everything is happening online. During this time, sending save-the-date cards to your guests is a unique way of inviting them. This not only is a fresh way of inviting your guest to the ceremony, but it also conveys a sense of importance and love to friends and family. When your loved ones receive a save the date card from you, they instantly feel happy. They get to know that they hold a position in your heart. They feel how loved and wanted they are, and this happiness increases their feelings for you. So when they come to meet the couple, they are giving you their heartfelt wishes and greetings.

This way you have a practical advantage too. The number of cards that get printed will have a proper count. So you would know how many people are coming to the wedding so you can plan other things accordingly. When you are inviting your friends and family online, you tend to do it in bulk; hence managing the count becomes a bit tougher. With invitation cards, you are free to keep an account of how many invites there are and how many you need to invite.

How should you choose the cards?

You must take the couple’s advice on board. It also allowed them to make the final decision about what card they like. But before they make the final decision, you need to make a list of all the practical and attractive cards that you like. Start by choosing a website for a shop with the best invitation card design available. Ask them about all the traditional or bohemian save the date invitation cards as well as the fresh arrivals and the cards that are well in demand. Once you see the plethora of cards available, you can better understand the card you would like for your ceremony. Do ask them to send a sample piece of two or three cards that you shortlist after looking at all the cards. Only when you have all the shortlisted cards in your hand can you better decide the one that you are going for. You have to make sure how practical the card you choose is. Hence you also need to look for the quality of paper that is being used for the invitation card. When you shortlist the cards and ask them to send sample cards, you will better understand paper quality and the pricing, and then you can decide better which card you’re going to go with. Ask them to send the samples of all the shortlisted cards with the names of the couple printed on them. So when you present the samples to the couples, they will know which one they like the best, and then you can finalize the card.

When should you finalize the card?

Experts at say this is another important aspect you should consider. Finalizing the card should be done way before the actual wedding. You mustn’t leave this path for the final hours. Many things need to be done between shortlisting and finalizing a card. So when you have at least a month after your card is finalized, you can easily send them to the guests and have certain changes done if you want to.

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